Sen. Harry Reid's Wife and Daughter Injured in Car Accident

As if Sen. Harry Reid didn't have enough of a weight on his shoulders, now he has this to deal with: his wife, Landra, and his daughter, Lana, were injured—Landra quite seriously—when their car was rear-ended by a truck on Interstate 95 in Washington.

Reid spokesman Jim Manley just confirmed to me that Landra has a broken neck, a far more serious injury than first thought but not, Manley said, "life threatening." She was wearing her seat belt. Lana had less serious, unspecified injuries.

Reid was meeting in his office with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel—ironically, about health care—when he learned of the accident. He left the meeting to go to the hospital, then returned later to the meeting. He will be heading back to the hospital tonight.

The timing of the accident was sadly symbolic of the yearlong health-care battle. Nothing has been easy, and everyone on the Hill (including in the press galleries), not to mention the country, is worried and weary, and wishes them both a speedy recovery.

UPDATE: Manley says that the injury is not considered life threatening because Landra has no paralysis and can "feel all of her extremities." The daughter suffered only facial lacerations.

Reid is still planning to meet with Pelosi and Emanuel before returning to the hospital later tonight.

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