Senior Cat Repeatedly Asking Owner to Pet Him Melts Hearts Online

A video of a cat repeatedly tapping his owner's arm so he will pet him is melting the hearts of Reddit users.

The post from user YourFriendBlu was shared late on Wednesday night to the site's "Tippytaps" group, which has 815,000 members. It has since been upvoted more than 16,500 times.

YourFriendBlu titled the post: "You guys really liked my senior kitty's feeble taps, so I got a better video of them."

In the clip, a ginger cat paws at his owner, who calmly continues recording despite his pet's adorable attempts to get his attention.

The cat then changes tactics, looking right into his owner's eyes while continuing to tap at his jacket sleeve.

The post has attracted more than 200 comments, with many delighted at the cat's antics. Some Redditors expressed surprise, however, that the man managed to resist his pet's appeals throughout the 42-second video.

One user commented: "I was screaming to pet the damn cat the whole time." Another wrote: "Pet the cat. Why did you not pet the cat?"

After a Redditor pointed out that YourFriendBlu's previous video shows the cat being petted, a third user replied: "Thank you, feels kinda like getting a popcorn kernel out of your teeth or finally peeing after holding it for a long time."

The original poster also intervened in the conversation, to explain that the cat receives plenty of affection and attention.

"Y'all keep telling me to pet the damn cat as if I never do. He gets love all day every day, trust me," he wrote. "The only reason he's so relentless in this video was because he was being pet before the recording started. He got pets after the recording ended."

Newsweek has contacted YourFriendBlu for further comment.

According to American Veterinary Medical Association statistics, more than 31.8 million households in the U.S. owned cats in 2018. Some families have more than one—the AVMA found that 58.3 million cats lived in American homes that year.

Another pet has been capturing hearts on Reddit this week, thanks to a video showing the adopted ginger cat settling happily into her new home.

The clip was uploaded to the "Cats" group on March 15, with the title: "Brought this fluff ball home today. Her foster parents said it might take her a couple days to get used to the house."

The 20-second video has since been upvoted more than 21,000 times, with one Redditor commenting: "Isn't it the best when they just know they're home?"

stock image of a cat
Stock image of a ginger cat. The video of a cat desperately seeking attention has been upvoted thousands of times. Getty