Server Says Customer Demanded Refund After Being 'Tricked' Into Giving Tip in Viral Video

A server claimed in a now-viral video that a customer once demanded a refund after being "tricked" into leaving a tip.

The video was posted to TikTok on Sunday by Madi Montes (@madison_montes). The post already has received more than 340,000 views and over 27,000 likes.

"I work at a sports bar," Montes said before launching into her story.

"This couple comes in, we're having a great moment, we love each other, I drop the check off, they pay and then they ask for a receipt," Montes said.

But things quickly went downhill when the couple discovered that their bill included a gratuity. Upset, they told Montes: "We didn't want to leave you a tip, so we're going to have to see your manager."

Speaking to Montes' manager, the couple claimed they were "tricked" into leaving Montes a tip and demanded that the restaurant refund the gratuity.

"I did not trick you," Montes shouted at the camera. "It is your fault that you hit the 18 percent button."

In the end, however, the couple left without tipping and demanded an additional discount on the food they'd "already paid for."

"People suck and I'm still poor," Montes concluded.

In her video, Montes told viewers that when customers don't tip, servers "don't make anything."

Vox reported that the federal tipped minimum wage is $2.13, but it can vary by state. Restaurants are required to pay tipped workers minimum wage, which is $7.25, but they're allowed to do it with a "tip credit," meaning they contribute money only if their workers don't get enough in tips to make minimum wage.

Because servers rely on tips to earn their living, Lizzie Post—podcast host and great-great-granddaughter of etiquette expert Elizabeth Post—told CNBC that customers should tip at least 15 percent when dining out, even if service is "subpar."

But Montes' viewers were split on the issue of tipping. Some argued that customers shouldn't be obligated to tip their servers.

"If people don't want to leave a tip they don't have to. and for you to call them out on social media is wrong. Just cause they didn't want to tip you," said brianr953.

"You're not entitled to a tip! LMAO," added jameslewis701.

Others, however, said that tipping is part of the "experience."

"Tipping is part of the dining out experience. If you're too cheap to leave a tip, go to McDonald's. This is how servers make a living," said jpharleyd51.

"If you don't want to tip DON'T GO OUT," wrote allisondanielle13.

Darleneweaver5 added: "People who don't tip should walk in servers' shoes for a day."

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A server claimed in a now-viral video that a customer once demanded a refund after being “tricked” into leaving a tip. fizkes/istock