Seth Meyers Jokes Donald Trump 'Warned Us About Himself' as Special Counsel Probes Russia Links

Seth Meyers: Trump warned us about special prosecutor
Seth Meyers jokes Trump warned voters about himself. NBC/YouTube

“The pace at which Trump scandals have been unfolding over the past week has been mind-boggling,” said Seth Meyers to open his “A Closer Look” segment on NBC’s Late Night Thursday.

Meyers pointed out the irony of former FBI director Robert Mueller investigating possible collusion between the Trump election campaign and Russia. On the campaign trail, Trump attacked his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, over her email scandal and suggested she could be subject to a federal investigation if elected.

The Late Night host played what are now somewhat prescient clips of Trump speeches from October and November last year warning of the devastating consequences of a drawn-out investigation could have on the U.S.

“She’ll be under investigation for years, she’ll be with trials...we went through it with [Bill Clinton] with the impeachment and the lies. Aren’t we tired of this stuff?” Trump said in November.

Meyers also dug up a clip of Trump saying: “This election will determine whether we remain a free country, in the truest sense of the word, or we become a banana republic controlled by large donors and foreign governments.”

In the same speech, from October, Trump said he would appoint a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s emails if elected.

“It’s literally the only campaign promise he’s actually kept,” joked Meyers.

The comedian added: “It’s almost like Donald Trump is a time traveler sent to warn us about himself.”

Meyers also targeted ousted national security advisor Michael Flynn, after it emerged that the latter informed Trump’s presidential transition team he was under investigation for secretly receiving payments from Turkey during the election but was appointed national security advisor anyway.

“That’s like hiring a babysitter who’s still wearing one handcuff,” Meyers said.