Seth Rogen's Hot GQ Cover Seriously Impresses Twitter

The name Seth Rogen typically brings a few words to mind: funny, chill, movies and weed are just a few. However, another term is now being applied to the Hollywood star: Hot.

Rogen's GQ cover spread was unveiled on Tuesday, and the fashionable photos show the comedian looking snazzy in tie-dye prints and pastel hues while standing on the beach with his beloved dog Zelda. In the wide-ranging interview, Rogen discussed his dedicated work ethic, the influence of his parents and his plans to advance his career, despite already having acting, producing and writing credits under his belt. He also spoke about his new marijuana venture, Houseplant, and his side hobby of ceramics.

"I've tried to sharpen my sense in recognizing when I'm acting out of hubris and when I feel like I may be doing something just 'cause of how fucking cool I'll seem once I did it, how smart everyone will think I am once I did it," he said. "I think as you become successful and famous, gravity will pull you toward hubris and just trying to fly straight is not enough. You have to steer away from it. Because if you just try to go straight, you'll get pulled into it. And that's something, even still, every once in awhile, I'm like, 'We gotta jerk this wheel.'

Rogen's relaxed demeanor and hardworking yet humorous attitude has long garnered the attention of movie fans. With his GQ spread, though, thousands of people seem to be paying more attention to Rogen's sex appeal—an aspect of the star some people on social media are apparently only just now becoming aware of.

Thousands of people took to Twitter to comment on Rogen's increased hotness, highlighting their newfound fandom. Meanwhile, others noted how late everyone else was to the Rogen-thirst party.

It may not be all that surprising the Canadian actor's trajectory has brought him into an amplified level of hotness by Twitter's standards. His red carpet looks during his latest round of promotional events for Long Shot, in which he stars alongside Charlize Theron, have been noticeably on point, prompting several fashion outlets and blogs to comment on his red carpet style.

Rogen recently dished on his efforts to make sure he looked up to par while standing alongside Theron. "I was aware that I would be standing next to Charlize for a lot of pictures," he told Entertainment Tonight in April.

"I always have that image in my head of Beyoncé next to Ed Sheeran in a T-shirt and I don't want that," he continued.

Sheeran became the target of internet ridicule after he appeared supremely underdressed during a benefit in South Africa, in which he joined Beyoncé onstage.

Obviously, Rogen's attention to detail has paid off.

Check out more reactions to the actor's GQ cover below.

Seth Rogen's Hot GQ Cover Seriously Impresses Twitter | Culture