Seth Rogen Says He Was 'Fed Lies About Israel,' Questions Why State Should Exist

Seth Rogen has said growing up he was "fed lies about Israel" and questioned why the state should exist in a frank interview about being Jewish with Marc Maron.

The Canadian actor opened up about his thoughts on Israel and Jewish identity and culture in a wide-ranging interview with Maron on the actor's popular WTF podcast.

The Bad Neighbor star, who grew up in Vancouver, spoke about attending Jewish school and Jewish Camp.

However, during the conversation, when the topic turned to Israel, Maron warned viewers that they were about to "p*** off a bunch of Jews."

"To me it just seems an antiquated thought process," Rogen, 38, said on he subject of Israel.

"If it is for religious reasons, I don't agree with it, because I think religion is silly. If it is for truly the preservation of Jewish people, it makes no sense, because again, you don't keep something you're trying to preserve all in one place—especially when that place is proven to be pretty volatile, you know? 'I'm trying to keep all these things safe, I'm gonna put them in my blender and hope that that's the best place... that'll do it.' It doesn't make sense to me."

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen speaks onstage during the 33rd American Cinematheque Award Presentation Honoring Charlize Theron at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 08, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Frazer Harrison/Getty

Rogen added that as a Jewish person he "was fed a huge amount of lies about Israel my entire life."

He explained: "They never tell you that—'oh by the way, there were people there.' They make it seem like it was just like sitting there, like the f***ing door's open!... They forget to include the fact to every young Jewish person."

Maron said he gets "frightened to talk about it," prompting Rogen to exclaim: "I'm afraid of Jews! I'm 100 percent afraid of Jews."

The pair also broached the subject of anti-Semitism, with Rogen saying his father explained the concept to him at a young age.

Rogen explained: "I remember my dad frankly telling me, 'people hate Jews. Just be aware of that. They just do.' And it's honestly something that I am so glad was instilled in me from a young age, because if it wasn't, I would constantly be shocked at how much motherf***ers hate Jews, because they do!"

He added: "It is pervasive and it is prevalent and it is to many Jewish people so confounding that they don't assume it's true...I've tried to put a lot of thought into why it's happened. People obviously hate people who do not look like them. ... I think people also have a weird fear of people who look like them but do not believe the same thing they do fundamentally."

Rogan was appearing on the podcast to discuss his upcoming movie, An American Pickle, which follows a Jewish immigrant who falls into a vat of pickles in New York in 1919 and wakes up 100 years later.

"It was a hard movie to crack, the tone is weird and it's something that I wanted to spend a lot of time making sure we got right," he said of the film.

Newsweek has reached out to Rogen for comment. Rogen and Maron's full conversation can be heard on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast.