Seven Steps To Relocate to an Excellence State of Mind

All in all, each person is striving to become their best.


Almost 20 years ago, I had an awakening in my spirit. The awakening was the need to live a life in and of excellence in every area of my life. I grew tired of trying to be perfect as I would end up falling short and being just sort of average.

After going at it for quite a while, I soon began to realize that for me, perfection was farfetched — and being amongst the average was not where I wanted to be either.

As I pondered my dilemma, I found I could do something to better my outcomes and situations. That something was to strive for excellence instead of chasing the illusion of perfection and falling into the average trap.

Well for those of you who want to begin your relocation from perfection to excellence while avoiding the trap of being average, here are seven tips to help you begin.

1. Review Your Current Situation

Whether it is a job, business, ministry or whatever — take note of where you are now and write it down. It becomes real when you see it on paper (or smartphone for the tech-savvy). Be as specific as possible in what it is that you want to focus on and move toward excellence.

2. Create a Running and Workable List

This list is everything you want to work on. This will become your main document to pull from when working on your relocation. For example, an item on a list may be: "Choose healthier options to eat." Make this list a living and breathing document to go back to again and again. Add when needed and delete with excitement as a way to celebrate achieving your goal.

3. Choose One "Now" Thing to Focus On Today

For example, if you are a hairdresser and have a client base, you are in the hair business and are, by experience, a hair expert. What can you do with that expertise to make it better for your clients? Can you have articles laying around on hair care? Can you host a haircare class?

4. Prepare and Recite the Five Ps

This is "Proper preparation prevents poor performance." When you recite this often enough it will become your mantra. You want to make sure you prepare. Take some time to develop your plan so that it would roll out as smoothly.

5. Roll Out Your New State of Excellence

Once your plan is set, test it by rolling it out. Back to the example of the hairdresser. Come to the salon with articles in hand and visible so clients can take them. Put on your first haircare class. The fact that you are doing something beyond the ordinary already puts you in the "excellence."

6. Get Feedback

Ask family, friends, clients, co-workers or whoever you trust to give feedback on your new state of excellence. Take their suggestions and critiques and build upon them. Doing this will show you are serious about what you are doing. This may also encourage someone else to begin his or her own move to excellence.

7. Last but Not least, Celebrate

I also end with a command to celebrate. All work and no play makes you dull. So, get out there and celebrate your success in a positive way. It will make you feel better and will also have you hooked on creating a better you.

All in all, each person is striving to become their best. Where you may get caught up is trying to become perfect when excellence is right at your fingertips. Just reach out your hand and grab it.

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