Sex Party Shut Down by Police for Breaking COVID Restrictions, Participants Fined $300

A sex party in Belgium was broken up by police for breaking COVID regulations for the second time in a week.

The private party at a house in Paal, in the province of Limburg, was shut down on Friday after officers were called to the scene around 9:30 p.m.

All ten participants were fined €250 for breaking coronavirus restriction rules, La Derniere Heure reports.

Several cars were parked outside the home, where police were able to see "several scantily clad men and women through the window," according to the publication and as translated by Google Translate.

Police were initially unable to obtain entry after multiple rings of the doorbell were ignored. It was not until firefighters arrived at the scene to force open the door that they were able to enter.

Officers immediately found six people in the home, and four more after a search—one of whom was hiding in a closet.

It is the second time in one week that police have had to break up a private lockdown party in the European nation.

An illegal private party in the center of Brussels saw 25 naked men arrested as a senior Hungarian MEP was spotted fleeing the scene on December 1.

The men were interrupted by police after neighbors made a noise complaint on Friday night coming from the rue des Pierres, in the city's gay district.

A senior member of parliament from Hungary's ruling Fidesz party has since admitted that he took part in a "lockdown party," calling his actions a "misstep".

József Szájer confirmed in a statement to Politico that he was present at the "private party" after he was spotted and recognised by a passerby.

"A passer-by reported to the police that he had seen a man fleeing along the gutter; he was able to identify the man," a press release from the public prosecutor's office as seen by the publication read.

"The man's hands were bloody. It is possible that he may have been injured while fleeing. Narcotics were found in his backpack. The man was unable to produce any identity documents. He was escorted to his place of residence, where he identified himself as S. J. (1961) by means of a diplomatic passport."

"I was present at this party in Brussels," the European representative later told La DH in a press release, as translated by Google Translate.

"I did not consume drugs, I offered to the police on the spot to do a screening test, but they did not do it. Police said an ecstasy pill was found. I have nothing to do with this pill, I don't know who placed it or how. I made a statement to the police on this subject. I'm sorry I violated the assembly rules, it was irresponsible of me and I will bear the penalties for it."

Szájer said he was "sorry" and that he "deeply" regretted breaking COVID restrictions.

"It was irresponsible on my part. I am ready to stand for the fine that occurs," he said in the press release.

He said he was given an "official verbal warning" by police and taken home. The senior MEP later resigned, describing his "misstep" as "strictly personal."

"I ask everyone not to extend it to my homeland, or to my political community," he added.

Belgium is currently in the midst of a second lockdown, with curfews in place and restrictions on gatherings of no more than four people.

Brussels police
Police patrol curfew in Brussels as officers shut down a private party in Paal, in the province of Limburg, on Friday. THIERRY ROGE