"Sexually Frustrated" Sea Snake Mounts Man's Paddleboard in Shocking Viral Video

A paddleboarder in Australia managed to capture the shocking moment a "sexually frustrated" sea snake tried to mount his board in the middle of the ocean.

In the footage posted to TikTok by YouTuber Brodie Moss, a large olive sea snake can be seen slithering towards him through the water.

The venomous snake then attempts to wriggle up onto his white board, as an excited Moss exclaims: "He's just come straight at me again. How intimidating is this. Look at this. It's a big old dog."

"Come on mate," he says as he giggles. "That is so sick, see you later bud. Yes! I love it so much."

He then tells the camera: "What he's doing, this time of year they're looking for a mate, and these old dogs, they don't have the advantage anymore like the young ones.

"So they get so so frustrated. If you're ever going to be bitten that's the exact time you'll get bit."

Moss captioned the video, which can be watched here, writing: "Sea snakes normally avoid humans but this time of year they become very active, sexually frustrated and potentially aggressive as they look for a mate."

One TikTok user, The Shed Fellas, wrote: "Wait wait wait wait. Back up. We have snakes in the ocean?????"


sea snakes normally avoid humans but this time of year they become very active, sexually fustrated and potentially aggressive as they look for a mate

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Another person, Mataio Gututala, added: "This is the most Australian thing I seen in a min."

Kid.Arachnid typed: "Now that I think about it. It's crazy how there are snakes that live exclusively in the sea... especially when thinking how the majority are on land."

User9524850940355 asked: "How do they not get lost??? Out at sea for the rest of their lives!?"

Audrey stated: "Well you know what they say, there's always more... snakes in the sea."

Nightdragongirl remarked: "Snake trying to get on surfboard. The man: hey no. The snake: sorry man I'll go."

An account by the name of Netflix, although not the streaming service, commented: "I would be terrified I'd even cry and faint and this dude just attacks it whaaaat."

But was the snake's curiosity motivated by sexual frustration? Well, a study published on Live Science found that the reptile's interactions with humans were much more common during their mating season.

Lead author Rick Shine, who is a evolutionary biologist and reptile expert at Macquarie University in Australia explained: "Males are very aroused and active while looking for 'girlfriends.'"

He also said that because the animals cannot tell the difference between female snakes and humans in the water—this leads to humorous interactions.

In the study, which analyzed 158 interactions between sea snakes and a scuba diver, it found the diver was approached by the snake in 74 instances.

Tim Lynch, who is a senior research scientist at CSIRO, collected the data during the mid-1990s while working towards his doctorate at Australia's James Cook University.

He explained: "Females don't do any chasing; they do the fleeing [during mating]. So swimming away from a male snake is mimicking courtship behavior."

Shine added: "It's clear that most approaches to divers were by males who had lost contact with the females they were pursuing. They frantically search for a female if they lose touch with her."

Newsweek have contacted Moss for comment.

Sea snake
A stock image of a sea snake. On TikTok a paddleboarder showed how a similar-looking snake tried to mount his board. Getty Images