Shane Dawson's Jake Paul YouTube Documentary: Was It Worth It?

Shane Dawson has wrapped up his eight-part YouTube documentary series about internet celebrity Jake Paul. Each video has between 10 million to 20 million views, quickly making it one of the most successful series that have ever been released on the platform by a single content creator. Dawson established a mold for documentary on the video platform with his looks into the worlds of social media celebrities Jeffree Star and Grav3yardgirl, but broke it with this newest venture.

The latest and last video in the series, "Inside the Mind of Jake Paul," is currently sitting at 9 million views, is the No. 1 video on trending and was only released on Thursday. The video is 105 minutes long, the length of a feature film, and it's still holding fans' attention. YouTube videos tend to assume viewers have a limited attention span, rarely exceeding 10 minutes. Dawson has essentially has refuted this idea by offering his fans content they can't turn away from.

The series took a long time to get going, though. The first three videos didn't even have Paul in them, instead choosing to examine the idea that the owner of Team 10 was a "sociopath." Fans of Dawson's work were confused by this approach, as well as the creepy music and odd editing which created a strange tone. For the second video, "The Dark Side of Jake Paul," Dawson brought in YouTube psychologist Kati Morton, who attempted to simplify what makes someone a sociopath, causing offense and prompting outcry. YouTuber Dara Tah created a superb video essay explaining his problems with Morton's appearance in the documentary series, and where she went wrong.

Once Dawson's series about Jake Paul actually focused on its subject, things got interesting. We got to see the "Everyday Bro" creator differently. He's not jumping around or screaming, but acting like a normal human being. Interviews with his girlfriend Erika Costell, former manager Nick Crompton and ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet reveal a kid from Ohio who had immense fame thrown at him while constantly in a battle for relevance with his brother Logan. All of the drama melted away as viewers got a realistic look at all the craziness.

In the latest "The Mind of Jake Paul" video, we find out how Jake reacted to Alissa sleeping with his brother Logan. It's a raw look at the Vine star turned YouTube mogul those outside his inner circle have never seen before. He holds back tears talking about how his brother betrayed him and how his family failed him when he needed them most. As someone who only sees Paul when he hits the headlines, like the time he jumped on that news van or lit his pool on fire, it's a drastic shift. He isn't just a crazy "sociopath" who screams at babies and plugs his merchandise for most of his videos.

Watching more 10 hours of this Dawson documentary might be quite the challenge. Most adults don't have the time needed to spend with all of these random teenage idols. But if you have the chance and want to understand the Paul behind the phenomenon, it's an absolute must. You won't coming out of it respecting, loving or maybe even caring about Jake, but you'll at least have a better understanding of how he evolved from small-town Viner to distraught entertainment mogul.

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