Shark Attack Suspected After Human Leg Washes Up On Beach, Police Launch Investigation

A human leg washed up on a beach in Australia is likely from the victim of a shark attack, according to local media reports.

One resident near North Beach at Mylestom, New South Wales, told the Sydney Morning Herald that a "substantial part of the leg" was found covered in what appeared to be a wetsuit and with the foot still attached.

"It's been suggested that it's been in the water for quite some time," the resident told the Herald. Another resident said the leg included foot bones in an apparent black diving boot.

Police are now investigating the incident after the human remains were discovered washed up on the beach in the afternoon on Tuesday. Investigating officers told 9News that they believe a swimmer, surfer or diver died in a shark attack.

A forensics team is reportedly now analyzing the bones for more information, including how long ago the unidentified individual died and where they might have come from. It is possible that the leg floated in the ocean for hundreds of kilometers before ending up on the beach.

"Shortly after 2 p.m. (Tuesday 17 December 2019), police were called to North Beach at Mylestom, South of Coffs Harbour, after reports a member of the public found a human leg on the beach," a spokesman for New South Wales Police Force told Newsweek in a statement.

"Officers attached to Coffs/Clarence Police District arrived shortly after and commenced inquiries. No further information is available at this time."

Earlier in December, a tiger shark took a bite out of a man's paddleboard as he played in the ocean off the coast of Kihei, Hawaii.

Larry Oberto, 57, was 200 feet from the shoreline when a 10 to 12-foot shark munched his stand-up inflatable paddleboard, knocking him off and deflating his board, Hawaii News Now reported.

"When I caught a glimpse of the shark I was like 'damn this thing is bigger than my board,'" Oberto told Maui Now. "I was like in awe and at the same time, I don't know if I want to be here and I decided 'you know, I think I'm going to get out of here' because you know it's a shark."

Oberto swam quickly to another man's board and the shark aggressively pursued the pair as they floated towards the beach.

Days later on Cocoa Beach near Orlando, Florida, an unnamed surfer had his foot nearly bitten off by a blacktip shark, Click Orlando reported. The victim swam to shore and was taken to the hospital.

"All stitched up, have some ripped tendons and a couple [of] toes not doing too well but Cape hospital took care of me and I'll be back to surfing ASAP," he told Click Orlando.

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Stock image: A great white shark around Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico on on September 15, 2016. A human leg washed up on the coast of Australia in what police suspect is a shark attack. Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images