Watch Shark Leap From Water To Catch Fish in Extremely Rare Footage

A shark has been filmed leaping from the water to catch a fish in an extremely rare sighting in Croatia.

The video, which was posted to Reddit by user Alternative-Monk-386, shows a large fish thrashing about in shallow water, on Island Krk in Malinska. It is not clear what species it is, although the animal heavily resembles a shark.

A picture posted of the fish in a separate thread shows it nearly completely out of the water, with a fish flying in the air.

"We were just walking along the beach when we heard the splashing of water, when we looked at the sea we saw that it was an animal moving very rapidly. Since it happened very quickly and we could not see the animal after 15 seconds, we thought that maybe it was a baby dolphin," Alternative-Monk-386 told Newsweek.

"But after we slowed down the video, we were shocked to see that the animal was in fact a shark. There were about 10 other people on the beach at the moment and all of them were shocked and didn't understand what was happening."

The user asked Reddit users to help identify the creature. In a caption to the photo, the Reddit user said the animal was small, and in "very shallow water."

"Can you help us figure out if it is a shark? And if so which species?" the caption read.

Sharks do live in the Adriatic sea but sightings are incredibly rare. Species include the shortfin mako shark, common thresher, blue shark and spiny dog fish. Great white sharks have been recorded in the Adriatic before, although instances are extremely rare.

As sightings are so scarce, sharks are not considered a danger to swimmers in the country. According to the Global Shark Attack file, there have only been 14 attacks and one fatality caused by sharks in Croatia over the past 130 years.

Reddit users seemed to agree that the fish was in fact a shark, although the species remains a mystery.

"I reckon this is a shortfin mako. Nice sighting!" one user said.

A picture shows a shark hunting a fish in the water. It is not clear what species it is. Alternative-Monk-386/Reddit

Others speculated that it could be a larger species.

"I couldn't find anything about sharks on the island but my guess would be a bull shark," one user said.

Another Reddit user responded: "Bull sharks have never been proven to be found in the Mediterranean of which the Adriatic Sea is part of."

"Bull shark would make sense in such shallow waters," another user said.

Sharks will often feed in shallow waters. This is where most attacks occur, as it is where conflicts with swimmers are more likely.

"That's either a bull shark or a juvenile great white. But telling by the head shape and color its probably a bull shark," someone else said.