Great White Shark Sighted Close to Shore in Cape Cod

During a family outing Sunday afternoon in Buzzards Bay off of Cape Cod, one family has an encounter with an uninvited guest.

A father and son were in a 17-foot boat near the shore of Penikese Island when they saw a creature in the water near their boat, the Boston Globe reported. The two captured video of what they suspected was a shark near their boat. An expert from the New England Aquarium in Boston confirmed that it was a great white shark after they viewed the video.

David and Paul Cody said the shark swam right up to their boat and went under the boat in an interview with WCVB. While it's not that common for a great white to be that close to shore, it's not the first sighting or encounter those off of the Cape have had with a great white this summer.

A man in the water at Truro beach on Cape Cod was enjoying the water when he was attacked by a shark on August 15. The 61-year-old man was bitten on the torso while standing in the water, USA Today reported.

Shark populations could be increasing in the waters off the coast of Massachusetts because of the increasing seal populations that provide the sharks plenty of food and means to live.

In late July, two children were in the water when they were bitten by what investigators expected were sharks. They were near Fire Island when it happened, CNN reported.

A man who was attacked by a shark while he was swimming off of the coast of a Texas beach has since said he got a flesh-eating bacteria from the ocean water.

While there have been several sightings and attacks, the chances of actually getting attacked by a shark are incredibly low. There were only 11 fatalities from sharks between 1990 and 2006.

shark sighting
A "recent shark sighting" sign is seen near where a colony of several hundred seals often rest on a sandbar at High Head Beach on Cape Cod on August 12, 2012, in Truro, Massachusetts Mario Tama/Getty Images