'Sharp Objects' HBO Spoilers: What Happened in the Book?

Sharp Objects, the Gillian Flynn novel-turned-HBO series, has struck a chord with viewers and critics for being dark, thrilling and forward thinking on mental health. In its first two episodes, viewers saw the series lead, Camille, played by Amy Adams, dive deep into the culture of her hometown where her past resurfaces and leaves her searching for answers about both the case she's reporting and her own family history.

In her hometown of Wind Gap, Missouri, two teenage girls were murdered. In the television series, as Camille reports on the deaths for a St. Louis paper, viewers are left wondering who the killer is. If the result of the HBO version aligns with the book, many will be shocked at not one, but two crucial plot twists that drive the book's unpredictable ending. If you're dying to know what happens, keep reading.

Adora Has An Illness

In the first episodes, viewers quickly see the toxic dynamic between Camille and her mother, Adora. After Camille's younger sister, Marian's, early death, Camille's relationship with Adora was strained. Camille joins her younger step-sister, Amma, for a drug-filled night out, and the next morning, Adora ends up tending to their serious bruise and hangovers. Tending to her children is nothing new for Adora, as both Marian and Amma were ill most of their childhoods.

Camille notices Adora's remedies make her sicker. She comes to the conclusion that Adora has Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP) an illness in which a caretaker keeps those in their care sick.

"The person with MSP gains attention by seeking medical help for exaggerated or made-up symptoms of a child in his or her care," according to WebMD. "As healthcare providers strive to identify what's causing the child's symptoms, the deliberate actions of the mother or caretaker can often make the symptoms worse."

Camille is right. Adora has been keeping her children sick and lives with guilt knowing she killed Marian by allowing her to overdose on substances she'd used when Marian was under her care. Camille visits the hospital and finds a nurse's note that suggested Marian was only sick because of her mother. Camille speaks with the nurse who tells her she must get Amma out of her mother's house.

Eliza Scanlen, Amy Adams, and Patricia Clarkson attend the premiere of HBO's 'Sharp Objects' at The Cinerama Dome on June 26, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. The trio play a dysfunctional family on the HBO series. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A Murder Suspect In Custody

The police come to a similar conclusion around the time Camille does. Camille is open with visiting cop, Richard, about her suspicions surrounding Adora. Richard tells Camille he believes Adora is the killer, and soon, her house will be searched.

Camille is given a laced glass of milk by Adora, which leads to her losing consciousness. She is awoken by the sounds of the search in her home. She tells Richard there may still be poison in her system to aid in Adora's conviction.

A pair of pliers with the murdered girl's DNA is found on the property. Along with the pliers, poisonous substances, like horse tranquilizers and vomit-inducing syrups, are found in the house, confirming Adora's MSP.

Eliza Scanlen attends the premiere of HBO's 'Sharp Objects' at The Cinerama Dome on June 26, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Scanlen plays Amma in the HBO series. Christopher Polk/Getty Images

For the biggest twist of all, continue watching Sharp Objects when it airs Sundays at 9 pm. ET on HBO.

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