Shaun White Shares What Nina Dobrev Hid in His Luggage for Olympics: Video

On Thursday night, snowboarder Shaun White will complete his final run on the men's halfpipe. Due to coronavirus protocols, however, White's friends and family will not be there to cheer him on.

But thanks to his girlfriend, actress Nina Dobrev, White's loved ones found another way to make their support known.

Posting to TikTok on Sunday, the 35-year-old Olympian revealed that Dobrev hid a few special surprises in his luggage before he left for Bejing. So far, the video has received more than 530,000 views and hundreds of comments from fans who loved receiving a glimpse into the couple's relationship.

White filmed the video in response to TikTok user @_book_lover_2, who previously asked White if the Vampire Diaries star was with him in Bejing.

"Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, they're not allowing any friends or family to attend, which is understandable—they're trying to keep everyone safe," White said.

"But I have been finding these pictures," he added before flipping his camera to reveal a collection of photos and letters he has on display in his room.

"Nina hid all of these in my bag and in my shoes and in my carry-on and my overnight's just pictures of friends and family back home with little notes letting me know that they're cheering me on from afar, which is really cool," he explained.

In addition to the photos, he also shared that his mother sent him a Hawaiian lei, which is hanging on his dresser's mirror.

"I miss everyone and want to say 'hi' and 'thanks for the support,'" he added. "I will see you all soon."

According to Insider, White and Dobrev started dating in late 2019.

In a conversation last month about his preparations for the 2022 Bejing Olympics, White said of Dobrev: "She's just been so incredibly supportive. She's like, 'Hey, I'm here to help do I help you?' It's not about her. She's just been so giving in that sense."

Dobrev also went on record to say that she was "so proud" of White's Olympic career, Insider reported.

"Just to get into the Olympics at all is one of the hugest accomplishments, let alone to get in five times. I'm so excited. I'm so proud of him," she said.

Dobrev's latest show of support for White was not only felt by White himself, but also by his viewers, who expressed their love for the couple in the comments section of his video.

"Awww that is so sweet she did that for ya since family and friends can't be there. So sweet good luck," wrote Andi Mendes.

The men's halfpipe finals will air from 8:30 p.m. ET or 5:30 p.m. PT on Thursday night.

Shaun White
Shaun White shows viewers what girlfriend Nina Dobrev hid in his luggage before leaving for the 2022 Bejing Olympics. Amy Sussman / Staff/Getty