Shay Mitchell's Skincare Essentials Is a Mix of Luxury and Drugstore Products

Sometimes, achieving flawless skin means doing little to nothing to it. Other times, it means spending $370 for an ounce of moisturizer. For Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell it's both.

Her skincare secret varies from high-end products, drugstore products to simply going bare face. Mitchell, who plays Peach Salinger on Lifetime's original series You, revealed her skincare secret to People magazine Tuesday.

"I like to take days off to let my skin breathe," she said. "On any days that I'm not working, I won't have an ounce of makeup on, even if I'm going to a friend's house."

The 31-year-old actress also advised fans against wearing makeup during flights. When she's away from the snaps of photographers in airports, Mitchell takes out her cleanser to remove her makeup before she boards the plane.

"I'll usually put it back on before we land—I'll set up a little mirror situation—or I'll just wait until I get to where I'm going," she told Glamour last year.

When Mitchell first moved to Los Angeles, the weather and her busy schedule weren't agreeable with her skin. She took advise from celebrity esthetician Shani Darden and makeup artist on which products to use.

When it comes to skin formula's, Mitchell does not hold back. An ounce of La Mer's The Renewal oil can cost up to $245 and the brand's The Concentrate, which the actress mixes with her makeup, can cost up to $370 an ounce on Nordstrom.

"I can't live without it. I don't only use it as a moisturizer, I also mix it with my foundation," she said.

When weekly facials don't fit the budget, Mitchell suggests a do it yourself spa, although it might sound "easier than it is." She starts by heating up a bowl of water, adding either citrus or aromatherapy oils and putting a towel over her head.

As a "fanatic about blackheads," the actress, who served as the brand ambassador of Bioré since 2016, often keeps pore strips with her. She has long endorsed Bioré pore strips, the 24 pack is currently priced at $15.99 on Ulta.

"What I like to do is run my fingers under the tap quick, then wet my nose so it's a little bit moist. Then, I take the strip and put it on. But what I was doing wrong for a while was peeling it off incorrectly. I'd peel it off from one side to another, but you're actually supposed to have both fingers on both ends and peel it off in one movement," she said to Glamour in 2016.

Last year, Mitchell received backlash for a promotional video of a new Bioré makeup remover she posted on Snapchat. Fans mocked the actress for allegedly faking to remove her makeup.