When I tugged the door handle of the new M35, it responded with a substantial click--and I knew Infiniti had finally come of age. Think I'm nuts to harp on such a small point? It's a sign of better things to come; the M35 not only puts Nissan's Infiniti on the luxury track, it shoves the competition off the road. This midsize sedan looks contemporary, drives like a sports car and wears technology like an MIT geek. At first, the central-panel dials are a tad intimidating, but a quick read of the owner's manual fixes that. (And it helps you operate the Bluetooth wireless and voice recognition.) Driving is a joy, with delicious power from a 3.5-liter, 280-horsepower V-6 engine. Handling and traction are superb with rear-wheel, or available all-wheel, drive. And back-seat riders get available reclining hot seats. Duh. They're heated.

Tip: Expect to pay sticker price for this year's hottest midsize sedan.