Survivors Reveal Panic at Florida Video Game Tournament Shooting

A mass shooting at a Jacksonville, Florida, video game bar Sunday afternoon resulted in three casualties, including the gunman, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has confirmed.

David Katz, 24, from Baltimore, is the suspected shooter who turned the gun on himself after killing two others. EA Sports, the tournament host, lists Katz as a winner in 2017. He was believed to be attending the gaming event and used a single handgun in the attacks.

Nine attendees were wounded by gunfire, and three more were injured in the ensuing chaos. All injured are reported to be in stable condition.

The president was briefed and is monitoring the situation in Jacksonville, said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The FBI is currently investigating in Baltimore and was seen entering the suspect's family home Sunday evening, according to The Associated Press.

The incident occurred during a Madden NFL 2019 video game tournament at GLHF Game Bar is a video arcade in Jacksonville Landing. The shooting was broadcast live on the popular gaming site Twitch. In the video, gunshots and screaming could be heard.

Jason Lane, CEO of CompLexity Gaming, a professional gaming team that had a member in the tournament, told Newsweek that "We're obviously shocked and saddened by this afternoon's events. Our player, Drini [Gjoka], was hit in the thumb, but is going to be fine. He managed to escape and run down the street to a nearby gym."

"I am literally so lucky. The bullet hit my thumb," tweeted Gjoka. "I will never take anything for granted ever again. Life can be cut short in a second."

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams will update his twitter account, @JSOPIO with additional information. He asks for all witnesses and anyone with video to contact his department at (904) 630-0500.

This is the 232nd mass shooting in the U.S. this year.

This story is breaking and will be updated as more news becomes available.

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