Shoplifter's Getaway Car Leaves Without Her in Viral Video

A frantic shoplifter caught the internet's attention when her getaway car locked her out and drove away from the scene. A witness filmed the now-viral incident and posted it to TikTok.

In the video, uploaded by @faxisfax on TikTok, a woman holding a pile of stolen Nike pants knocks on a car window and yells at the driver to unlock the car door. The driver of the car then speeds off out of the parking lot without the woman as a police car arrives at the scene.

The woman then drops the stolen merchandise and flees the scene on foot while chasing the getaway car and a police officer jumps out of his car to pursue her. The person recording the video can be heard laughing as the police officer weaves past cars to stop the shoplifter. The video ends with the officer leading the woman through the parking lot with handcuffs.

Shoplifting incidents are on the rise around the country, with organized retail crime costing retailers millions in stolen merchandise. The National Retail Federation reported that nearly two-thirds of retailers have seen an increase in organized retail crime. This increase has led many states to increase the threshold of what constitutes a felony. In Illinois, felony theft valued at $500 or less is punishable by up to $25,000 in fines and two to 25 years in prison.

"When shoplifters take ALL the Nike but forget to unlock the door..." reads the text over the video. Since yesterday, the TikTok has amassed over 19.6 million views, 2.6 million likes, and has been shared more than 155,000 times. The creator also uploaded two other videos regarding the incident that both have more than 600,000 views.

"This her villain origin story" joked a user in the comments.

According to the local Fox affiliate, the incident occurred Saturday afternoon at Hibbet's Sports, a local sporting goods store in Edwardsville, Illinois. Police arrived at the scene after employees reported three suspicious women in the store. The employees recognized one of the women from previous thefts, according to Fox2.

When police arrived, they saw two of the women running through the parking lot with handfuls of stolen merchandise before jumping into a gray Ford fusion. They then saw the women lock the third woman out before driving out of the parking lot leaving the lone shoplifter to fend for herself.

The woman is currently in police custody and police are attempting to seek out a felony charge for theft. The other two women are still at large.

Many commenters felt bad for the shoplifter and joked that she needs to find new friends.

"Why I feel bad for her tho. They ain't have to do her like that...not saying she didn't deserve it be the ones you think you know," wrote one user in the comments.

"Nah they planned that, girl on the passenger side got in just fine," another user wrote.

Police Car During Day
In a video uploaded by @faxisfax on TikTok, a would-be shoplifter was locked out of her getaway car in Illinois. The shoplifter is currently in police custody and police are attempting to seek out a felony charge for theft. vmargineanu/Getty Images