Sibling Slammed for Resenting Brother's 'Easy Life': 'Not His Fault'

The internet has gone in on a sibling for sharing their resentment of their brother in a viral post on the popular discussion site Mumsnet.

On Tuesday, the user MartinsSquirrel asked fellow forumites if it was unreasonable to resent their 35-year-old brother for his "easy life." With hundreds of responses, the post sparked a major backlash.

The Mumsnet user wrote: "I have a 35-year-old brother who recently moved back to the U.K. after living in California for 13 years. He recently told me he's just retired which completely shocked me. I knew him and his wife made great money when they were in the states (they paid for me and my parents to visit a few times, but I had no clue how wealthy he is."

The story continued: "He told me he and his wife have over £5 million in investments and just live on that now. They have no children and no plants for any so their days basically just consist of gaming and watching Netflix and playing with their dog. That's in contrast to me who has 3 children and can barely pay the bills.

Woman with bills and man relaxing
A file photo of a woman looking at bills and receipts on the floor, left, and a file photo of a man relaxing, right. The internet has slammed a poster for sharing their envy of their brother's "easy life". David Sacks/Choreograph/Getty Images

"I love my brother and he's never been anything but lovely to me and my parents but I just can't help feeling resentful about his incredibly easy life."

When it comes to retiring early, certified financial planner and senior financial adviser at Vanguard Personal Advisor Services Nilay Gandhi recently told Newsweek: "You will need to plan early and be committed to carefully choosing what to spend money on."

The user's upset at their brother's financial situation sparked debate online, with Mumsnet users suggesting she was being unreasonable and unfair.

"You're resentful of your brother for making different life choices to you? Why?" asked one user.

"Why shouldn't he enjoy his life just because you're struggling to pay the bills. That's not his fault," said another commenter.

"He's done nothing wrong," wrote another commenter: "You say he's a lovely man and from what you've said he seems happy, so good for him. If you're unhappy, can you not look at what options are available to you to improve your situation?"

But the poster's position is not unusual. A study undertaken by researchers at the University of California, San Diego found that envy of monetary success and occupational status was common across all age groups, with many participants stating that they felt money provoked envy in themselves and others.

Another commenter suggested the poster stop comparing their situation with their sibling: "They say comparison is the thief of joy: why not look at what you do have instead of being jealous of your brother's success and feeling sorry for yourself? Millions of pounds didn't fall from the sky. He's made different life choices to you, with different results."