Sibling Tells Brother Divorce 'Is His Own Fault' After Going Bankrupt

A Reddit post is gaining popularity after a sibling told their brother that his divorce was "his own fault" after he supposedly "blew money" and "took out loans" as well as credit lines and even applied for bankruptcy. The post has Redditors siding with the sibling on this one based on the evidence.

The post was shared on the subreddit "Am I The A**hole," by u/ThrowRA-AITA0125, and is titled, "AITA for telling my brother that his divorce is how own fault?"

The original poster (OP) revealed their brother is going through "a very angry divorce." He's currently living with their parents as he can't afford his own place. The Redditor goes on to say, "the divorce is completely his fault."

The OP continued: "He blew money on stocks and Bitcoin and other expensive stuff, and took out loans and lines of credit in secret. He didn't tell his wife and went so far as to show her false statements. It didn't work as well as he thought because she figured it out and is divorcing him. But their house has been foreclosed, their savings were wiped, both of them applied for bankruptcy because my brother got them into massive debt on stocks and other wild out-of-control spending and finances."

According to Statista, in 2019 there were around 750,000 divorces that took place in the United States. The website also reported that as of 2019, the divorce rate in the country equated to 2.7 per every 1,000 people.

Two wedding bands on dictionary
A sibling told their brother their divorce was "his own fault" after going bankrupt. Here, two wedding rings on a dictionary. GETTY/VIMVERTIGO

The OP's brother's wife even lost her own job as bankruptcy is considered a "negative in her industry." She is living with her parents as well, and the both of them are using legal aid and their parents to help with paying the legal fees associated with the divorce.

The Redditor tried to "ignore" their brother, however, "he's been saying it's not his fault because the stock market is rigged, and his wife should have paid more attention [he actively hid from her]. The last time he said [it], I said the entire divorce is his fault and he should apologize for destroying his wife's life."

The OP's brother wasn't "pleased," and the following time they saw him, he tried starting a fight with them. Apparently, the brother has even tried to get their parents involved in it as well over him being upset over the OP not agreeing with their brother.

The post has over 5,900 upvotes with over 200 comments so far. People are overwhelmingly siding with the OP in the situation. One comment garnered over 7,000 upvotes on its own so far. "NTA [not the a**hole]," a Redditor said. "Your brother is an immature a**hole. I hope your parents do not enable his behavior."

The OP replied to the comment, saying the parents don't enable the behavior. Their comment received over 5,000 upvotes itself. "They gave him a room rent-free until he sorts out his divorce, but won't give him money or anything else," the OP revealed. "He has to buy it himself or pay a share if it's something like their internet. They also mandated he attend a psychologist as part of their offer to stay, and they've locked down their credit and won't give him money or access to their accounts. He also has to keep a job and do his own chores. I know they aren't happy with him over this."

Another person doesn't think the OP is in the wrong. They recommended the OP's parents and themselves "freeze their credit while he is living with them."

Some people brought up cryptocurrency. "NTA—the minute you said Bitcoin I was on your side," a user revealed. "All these sad people thinking they'll get rich on crypto are pathetic."

Another thought the OP's brother "needs to hear some hard truths about his life."

One person had an interesting way of putting things. "NTA—The man made his bed out of hay and is now trying to blame someone else for how itchy it is."

A Redditor thought "some people just refuse to admit they messed up." They also said, "NTA, he can live in denial, but you don't have to move there with him."

A user didn't mince words, telling the OP to "let him have it." They also said, "Sometimes telling a loved one the truth is what they need, and this guy sounds like he needs years of it!"

Other comments included statements like, "NTA—No one benefits by hiding a truth like this," and, "Posts like this make me consider getting a prenup before I get married."

One person doesn't think the OP should "get involved" at this point. "Even if it is his fault," they also said. "Because now he has a target for his anger, and it's you."

Newsweek reached out to u/ThrowRA-AITA0125 for comment.