'Sick of It': Parent Slams Spouse's 'Depressing' Stories About Late Father in Viral Post

A parent has taken to social media following a dispute with their husband—but readers have not taken too kindly to the poster's "disturbing" and "heartless" reaction to their spouse's grief.

Shared in Reddit's "Am I the A**hole" forum Wednesday, the anonymous user behind the post appears to have deleted their account. That, however, didn't stop the post from reaching viral levels of engagement, with 6,900 upvotes and over 2,500 comments.

The conflict centered on the topic of grief—a difficult one for many parents.

"Yesterday was my dad's birthday, so me and my family took him out to dinner at a nice restaurant," wrote the anonymous parent. "My husband, Joel, seemed a bit distant, but I didn't talk to him about it so we wouldn't ruin the mood for my parents."

On the way home, they asked Joel if something was wrong. "He said he missed his dad, who passed away about [two] years ago," they wrote.

As such, the poster said they "let [Joel] talk to the kids about his dad for quite a bit." Eventually, however, the Redditor started "getting sick of it." In their opinion, the children "shouldn't need to hear his sob story."

"I told him that's enough talk about his dad and he apologized," wrote the parent. "But when we were back at the house, I heard Joel talking to the kids about his dad again. I told him ... that the kids didn't want to hear it."

"Joel argued that his dad is the kids' grandfather, so of course they want to hear about him," explained the parent. "I told him it's fine to tell stories about his dad, but that he's taking it too far and that he'll just make them depressed."

An argument erupted between the two, lasting well into the following day. "I thought he'd get over it by next morning, but he isn't talking much and I can't help but feel it's related to last night," they concluded. "I think he's just being stubborn and overreacting, but I'm not sure."

Readers were quick to disagree with the parent behind the post, instead offering their support to Joel, the Redditor's husband.

One user, u/FoolMe1nceShameOnU, went so far as to call the parent "staggeringly heartless."

Echoed u/ShellYeahB***hes: "I can't believe you'd speak that way about someone you're married to."

"It's cruel you lack the understanding that he's still grieving and this event would cause him to grieve more," wrote u/OkBullfrog7875. "Your lack of empathy is astounding."

As Rosemarie Truglio, a developmental psychologist and senior vice president of curriculum and content at Sesame Workshop, explained in a 2020 NPR article: "It's important for children to see us grieve."

Moreover, the piece emphasized the importance of being "honest and concrete" with children when dealing with death and its subsequent grieving process.

"We're gonna cry, and I think that you need to explain why you're crying," said Truglio. "This isn't gonna be just a one-time event."

Newsweek was unable to reach the author of the post for additional information.

Fighting Parents
A viral Reddit post described an unpleasant familial conflict, in which the post's author became furious with their husband for sharing "depressing" stories about his late father. fizkes/iStock / Getty Images Plus