'Signed and Sealed': Woman Makes Friends Sign NDAs Before Gossiping in Controversial Clip

A woman has sparked a debate on social media after reportedly making her friends sign nondisclosure agreements before sharing the latest gossip. The clip has so far been viewed 3.5 million times on TikTok, amassing an additional 547,000 likes and over 3,000 comments.

Often used by businesses, companies, and public figures to protect sensitive information, nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) are legal contracts that ensure confidentiality between two parties.

In her video, TikToker Brianna (@breezyqbaby) writes on-screen: "Spilled a lot of tea at dinner today so I had my friends sign my NDA's [sic]."

The footage shows several individuals signing documents titled "Non-Disclosure Agreement." The forms feature long paragraphs of text that explain the terms of the agreement.

"For those who thought I was joking," wrote Brianna in the video's caption. "Signed and sealed."

The brief clip managed to generate intense debate among viewers, as many took issue with the idea of using a legal document to create trust within a friendship. Others, however, saw the humorous side of the situation and applauded Brianna's proactive approach to confidentiality.

"If you need friends to sign [an NDA,] why are they still your friends!!" wrote @sarinat127.

"Nah this would actually make me have a tea session about YOU at my next dinner out with friends," said @rachkellm.

"The way I would just get up and walk away lol," added @_777nee.

"This is absolutely something I would do," wrote @themultifacetedb, on the other end of the commenting spectrum.

"[Why are] people so upset this is so funny," said @idkkmsossidrc.

"I'm obsessed," added @giannalorusso.

A handful also used the comments section to pose questions to Brianna. "Honest question," wrote @ajthecoolmuva. "What happens if they spill your tea? How can you prove it was them that spilled?"

"Did they sign [it] before or after the tea was spilled???" wondered @nessarezaa. According to Brianna's reply, her friends signed the documents before the start of their gossip session.

Some commenters even offered Brianna unsolicited legal advice about actions that might interfere with the NDA's legitimacy.

"You have them sign it BEFORE you say anything. Not after," wrote @lunchboxgnome. "And if it's anything illegal the NDA is void and meaningless."

"If it's not notarized it's not a legally binding NDA," offered @slightly_panicking.

Many more joked they would be willing to sign Brianna's NDA if it meant they could hear about the gossip that required such secrecy.

Newsweek has reached out to Brianna for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Non-Disclosure Agreement
On TikTok, a woman went viral after saying she made her friends sign nondisclosure agreements before gossiping. gesrey/iStock / Getty Images Plus

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