A 'Simpsons' Fan Recreated a Working 'Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge' Game

A fictional video game seen in a classic episode of The Simpsons is now a real-life video game. No, it's not BoneStorm, but you're close: It's Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge.

That name should sound familiar to any Simpsons die-hards who remember the 1995 episode "Marge Be Not Proud." In it, Bart's hoping that Marge will buy him the ultra-violent game BoneStorm; Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge is another title featured in the episode, as a gentler alternative to BoneStorm.

Putting Challenge is actually based on an already-existing game, 1988's Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf for the Nintendo Entertainment System. But now fans can experience The Simpsons' version of Putting Challenge—and all the thrills of putting and whacking your golf ball into a parking lot that come with it—thanks to this fully functional game made by Simpsons fan Aaron Demeter.

"I've been planning on completing a game as the final project for my Masters degree and wanted to use some of the spare time I have right now while I am not in classes to get familiar with the Unity game engine and a bit of programming before I have to start the proper research and development portion of this project," Demeter told Newsweek via email on Monday. "A couple friends and I grew up with The Simpsons as many people did and after mentioning that I was going to be doing some small game projects to help learn the basics of game development we threw around a couple of fun ideas and one of them was to create a working version of Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge!"

simpsons lee carvallos putting challenge screen
Aaron Demeter

The 25-year-old Communications and Culture student at Toronto's Ryerson University settled on using Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge as a project because of its reasonable scope—it seemed like something that he could complete it in a short amount of time. Demeter's project took five days to develop, with a patch released the day after launch to include a voice line that was missing.

As for the gameplay, well... playing Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge is just as constraining and monotonous as any self-respecting Simpsons fan can imagine. Booting up this fan-game immediately puts you—as Lee Carvallo—a few feet from the hole. This is a putting challenge game, after all. Players then have a choice of using a putter or a three wood. Then you can select the force of your swing between "feather touch" and "power drive." Once selected, you'll be instructed to input a three-digit code to have the game input your directives in the most early '90s way possible.

Follow Carvallo's instructions and you'll sink the putt, but the "fun" really starts when you go against the script and hit the ball with a power drive that forces it into the parking lot. Rinse, repeat and that's Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge.

Now that he's got Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge up and running, we had to wonder: Is Demeter considering a proper version of BoneStorm?

"I've been seeing lots of people suggesting BoneStorm for my next project! I have some ideas for another Simpsons-related game and I don't want to disappoint but it's not BoneStorm," Demeter revealed. "It should definitely be made, but I don't think I'm the developer to make it. I haven't started working on my next project as I have to finish up some stuff for school but I think people will really like what I have planned. I don't want to say much more about it right now but hopefully people will be able to learn more about it soon!"

Even though he's managed to make Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge a reality for gamers, Demeter isn't planning to become a developer in the future.

"I'm incredibly interested in working within the game space, but not necessarily as a developer," Demeter said. "I really enjoyed this as a hobby and want to keep making more small games, but I'm more interested in other aspects of the industry such as finding support for small, independent developers who don't have the same resources as big AAA companies."

If you want to check out Demeter's fan-made Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge please do so. Otherwise, you can "buy me BoneStorm or go to hell."