Google Is No Longer the Greatest Search Engine on the Internet

The Simpsons
All of Homer's sage parenting advice, compiled in one handy search engine. Frinkiac

The Simpsons may be both the most quotable television show of all time and the one with the m0st creative life on the World Wide Web. There are GIFs upon GIFs. There is "Boo-urns." There are popular Twitter accounts dedicated to dispensing memorable quotes from the show's leanest years, and others that offer nothing more than randomly generated screenshots. As long as we have the necessary bandwidth, the iconic animated series will endure as a bottomless treasure trove of pre-Internet nostalgia. For anyone who was alive in the '90s, its lessons are timeless.

Now, in February 2016, all of this love and energy and reappropriation has reached what appears to be its logical, glorious conclusion: a brilliantly designed and mind-blowingly comprehensive search engine that allows fans to pair any line from the show's first 15 seasons with its corresponding still (all 3 million of them). It's called Frinkiac—after the show's bumbling mad scientist, Professor Frink—and it may be the greatest feat of Internet engineering we've ever seen. Just be warned, though: Once you start inputting and meme-ifying your favorite lines, it may be hard to stop. Here are some from the Newsweek staff:

Knife Frinkiac

Delaware Frinkiac

REM Frinkiac

Corpse Frinkiac

Long Story Frinkiac

Bort Frinkiac

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