'The Simpsons: Treehouse of Terror' Is Delayed—But That Didn't Stop This Trump Critical Clip

Earlier this month, Variety posted a clip of an upcoming episode of The Simpsons which eviscerates Donald Trump by showing a scrolling list of objectionable things attached to the president during his time in office. Fans who tuned in last night to watch the episode in which the clip is to appear were likely disappointed to see the Los Angeles Dodgers defeat the Atlanta Braves to advance to the World Series. This was due to a schedule change that found Fox moving The Simpsons episode until November 1 to make room for the MLB playoffs.

But this was no normal Simpsons episode, but the "Treehouse of Horror," the hit show's annual Halloween-themed episode which was set to run its 31st installment. As the preview clip that's circulated around the internet hints, the show will mined the 2020 election for scares in at least one scene. Even without seeing the entire episode in full, Twitter users responded immediately to the clip, and their reactions were every bit as divisive as the run for the presidency.

treehouse of horror
Homer Simpson in an early "Treehouse of Horror" episode. Fox

The segment opens with Marge calling her dimwitted husband Homer to remind him to vote. He makes it to the polling station right before it closes, only to find himself not sure who to pick for president. (He's more certain about other positions on the ballot, including choosing Amazon Alexa for Governor.) His daughter Lisa, donning a medical mask, turns up and is in disbelief at her father, who can only seem to remember one headline since 2016: "Faye Dunaway gives Oscar to wrong movie and is never seen again."

While the show has poked fun at the president before, never has it been so vicious and so politically firm in its stance against him. The screen then scrolls to mentions of acts attributed to Trump, including "Put children in cages, "Called Mexicans rapists," "Imitated disabled reporter," "Called white supremacists 'fine people,'" and "Allowed bounties on soldiers Destroyed democracy." Still, the show managed some humor by adding in "Looks lousy in a tennis outfit" and "Can't get wife to hold hand." Nevertheless, fans of the president were outraged, while his detractors praised the show's boldness.

Some responded with simple words of approval, as seen below with the clip embedded:

Of course, since people are quick to make the connection to all that woes us in the world to the seemingly doomed year of 2020, this writer made the connection that even the reliable tradition of "Treehouse of Horror" had to be postponed.

Hollywood mega-producer/director (and frequent Trump critic) Judd Apatow also appreciated the clip.

Some fans were especially enthusiastic, including this one:

Some felt the show didn't go far enough and offered up some other suggested things to include in the list.

And this one:

Not everyone approved. There were plenty of Trump supporters who reacted angrily in brief statements.

This commenter suggests the Democratic Party needs to come up with something simple and direct, similar to what The Simpsons created:

And, yes, there were conspiracy theories about the delay...Including speculation that because of the "facts" listed in the scroll, the episode was delayed:

Yet, in at least one example, a Trump supporter voiced his support of the clip, which seems to indicate he missed the point if he found some of the items listed in the scroll "hilarious."

Many people are familiar with the theory that The Simpsons acts as sort of Nostradamus for our modern world, and there's no end to stories and posts over the years about all manner of things the show has supposedly predicted. This fact was not lost on at least on Twitter observer:

Since the entire episode won't be aired in full for almost two weeks, you'll have to tune in then to see if they make an actual prediction about who will win November 3, and if they get it right.