What Is The Next 'Sims 4' Experience?

The Sims 4 has been out for almost four years, so when the EA Twitter account teased the 'Next Sims Experience,' fans immediately thought Sims 5 or beyond. EA quelled those thoughts when they deleted the tweet, replacing it with 'The Next Sims 4 experience.' But still, the question remains: what's next for The Sims?

EA PLAY is returning to the Hollywood Palladium from June 9th to 11th! Here's your chance to play our next Sims 4 experience. Pre-Register for EA PLAY at https://t.co/vahLA2UtiZ pic.twitter.com/I3KnVtamvV

— The Sims (@TheSims) March 27, 2018

A tweet from the EA France account unknowingly raised the stakes of this conversation. "What if we talked about the future of your favorite Sims game?" That's asking for some big speculation from the bustling and opinionated Sims community. It not only suggests an announcement larger than just an expansion pack, but it almost has to be something that will have an undeniable impact on the way the entire game operates.

Et si on parlait de l'avenir de votre jeu préféré ? Rendez-vous du 9 au 11 juin 2018 pour #EAPlay ! Plus d'infos : https://t.co/NNUjAXhJPz pic.twitter.com/GTnQGKEbg3

— Les Sims (@LesSims) February 25, 2018

The fact EA deleted their original tweet that didn't specify Sims 4 indicates it's safe to say a Sims 5 announcement is off the table. And while the prospect of Sims 5 is exciting, it's too early, both historically and gameplay-wise. Players have spent hundreds of dollars on Sims 4 content and only in the last year has the game been the best it's ever been--toddlers, gender customization, cities, a huge new vacation spot.

Though when you look at the release windows between Sims 4 and Sims 3, Sims 2 and The Sims --the average is roughly five years. It's probable that EA has some sort of plan laid out for the future, even though it will hopefully be years until we see The Sims 5. All the signs that EA is not ready for Sims 5 are here--Sims 4 was only just released on console, and Sims Mobile is built on Sims 4 design.

The Sims 4: Seasons 🙏❄️🌼☀️🍁 pic.twitter.com/VpGcU3YNZB

— Hulk 🧪 (@HulkSimSMASH) March 27, 2018

So now that we've decided the likelihood of Sims 5 announcement is low, what realistically can you expect from EA Play? There are two things that immediately come to mind when I think about the next Sims 4 experience: seasons and multiplayer. The latter still seems like too big of a project, but would be amazing if they finally figured it out. It's more intuitive to think they'd save multiplayer for Sims 5, but Sims 4 could be an opportunity to perfect the technology before evolving it. After all, Sims 4 has been the iteration where EA is trying to perfect a viable simulation formula that can change the way we think of the genre.

Seasons are perhaps the most ambitious expansion pack EA could put out for Sims 4. It affects the entire game, not just one world. It makes way for other extremely fun game packs that include activities like snowboarding and surfing. Island Paradise anyone? Another option that would not be as impactful as seasons, but a smart choice nonetheless, is an updated version of University. There's still not much to do with teen Sims, an age group who is super predictable and fun in real life. In the Sims 4, teens are kind of boring.

A handheld Sims experience pls! pic.twitter.com/TcNPy6uUua

— Mucrush (@Mucrush) March 27, 2018

Some players are going far out and predicting we could see Sims 4 make its way to a portable handheld device, like the Nintendo Switch. This wouldn't be new to the franchise. The Sims 3 released on Nintendo DS and 3DS. It may be a great way to attract new players who are looking for a version of the game that's more complicated than the free-to-play mobile version, but more approachable to play throughout the day and on the go.

The Sims Mobile will also be present at EA Play, so expect some news in the smartphone department. We should know more about what's to come in The Sims 4 come the quartey teaser, due in the beginning of April. EA Play is held at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles June 9-11.