'The Sims 4': First-person Camera Finally Coming to Franchise in November Update

The Sims 4 will have a first-person camera, marking the long-awaited introduction of the feature to the franchise. Yes, that's right, you'll be able to control your Sims through their own eyes. The new footage revealed in EA's latest livestream is a bit dizzying, but it's going to take all us Simmers a while to adjust to these new options.

No you cannot see your Sims "woohoo," but the feature enhances some of the animations and interactions already present in the game. The update comes just in time for Sims 4: Get Famous, the latest expansion pack that arrives Nov. 16. The free base game update arrives Nov. 13.

During the stream, devs admitted the feature began as a joke, but the team liked it so much they made it a shippable feature. To make the feature work, the devs had to clip of the head off the Sim the camera placed on, and had to do some serious smoothing work to make the feature less nauseating. Take a look below (via SimsVIP):

To access the first-person feature, press shift and tab. Scroll zooms in and out. Shift and click will take you through surroundings. An open circle lets you know which direction you're facing. Switch between Sims by using the directional keys, including pets. The feature won't only highlight interactions between Sims in live mode, but all the new available camera angles should also help players who like to build houses admire the small details in their creations.

In addition to first-person camera, the free update brings terrain tools. This means you can actually dig a hole in the ground or make hills within your lot. There's also a basic new create-your-own career option. Register with "Ministry of Labor" and work from home forever!

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