What We Know About 'Sims 4: Seasons' So Far

Cats & Dogs was a huge expansion pack, but Sims 4: Seasons is poised to have an even bigger impact on the game. The official trailer and blog revealed the main features we'd expect: four seasons with distinct weather, seasonal clothing and holiday activities. However, with EA Play around the corner, various small details are trickling in across social media. No detail is too unimportant for Sims fans, so here's all the tibits regarding Seasons we spotted over the course of the last week.

sims 4 seasons trailer
'Sims' producers share details about 'Seasons' on Twitter. EA
  • According to SimGuruEmory, like previous versions of the expansion for earlier Sims games, Seasons won't have hail. There will, however, be fog.
  • There is a new thermostat death. How? The new thermostat feature will allow Sims to control the climate within their homes. They can even prompt an indoor winter. However, this could result in death if the temperature is changed to certain extremes. Sims can also be struck by lightning and die.
  • There will be a new weather channel.
  • Raking leaves and shoveling snow will contribute to a teen or child's responsibility traits.
  • There is no new world in Seasons.
  • The new glass roofs will come in a base game update.
  • Using the thermostat will raise your bills, just like real life.
  • Rain will affect outdoor objects, such as laundry, which will get re-soaked if a storm hits.
  • Seasons will rotate in seven-day increments.
  • Pets will react to the weather.
  • There will be gradual leaf changes as the seasons change, which lead producer Grant Rodiek describes as "stunning."
  • Winter will not be the only new outfit category. There will be one for every season.
  • To the dismay of many players, snow has no depth. Rodiek reiterated many times this was not a performance issue, as it was for the ball pit incident that became a meme. This seems to be more about time management. There will be footprints and other interactions with the snow.

"We knew deep snow would be important from the very beginning and we researched a variety of solutions to implement it," Rodiek explained. "However, we never had confidence we'd be able to achieve the visual quality bar we expect for The Sims 4, which is key on an aesthetic feature! Therefore, as lead producer I made the difficult decision to focus our efforts elsewhere. As we share more of TS4 Seasons, you'll see the gorgeous, intricate details of winter, spring, summer, and fall we dedicated ourselves to instead of deep snow. We researched tech, art, and environment solutions and we were not confident that any of the approaches would be shippable."

sims 4 seasons trailer
'Sims' producers share details about 'Seasons' on Twitter EA

That's all we know about Seasons for now. Be sure to check out the trailer above, and let us know what you think in the comments below.