'Sims 4' Producer Wants People With Disabilities Represented

The Sims is billed as a simulation of the real world. Over the years, the game's many updates pushed for greater representation; Create-A-Sim was overhauled to be gender-neutral, the skin tone pallete was updated to include a greater diversity for non-white complexions, and the game makes a point to celebrate cultures and countries from all around the world. The next step, lead producer Grant Rodiek says, is to add people with disabilities to the game.

"Yes. We are actively pondering this right now," he said on Twitter, following months of chatter about appropriately representing disabilities in the game. "Give us a little time. It's important."

Rodiek has been fielding queries about including people with disabilities for months. Many players have expressed their concern over the development of the possible update. In June, Rodiek addressed wheelchairs specifically.

"We haven't been able to make any real progress on it, but I was talking to some Simmers who use wheelchairs a month or so ago and they helped us solve some design challenges. It'd be very, very cool to do," he said.

The question was posed regarding the accurate portrayal of elder Sims, but Rodiek thinks there's a larger opportunity to include people with disabilities on a broader level.

"I would want to have wheelchairs to reflect the stories of differently abled people. But, it could also work with elders and others," he said.

It's not clear what kinds of disabilities will be represented, or how The Sims intends to implement the update. Check back for updates.