Since Trump Became First Republican President to Win Wisconsin in 32 Years, GOP Candidates Have Lost 7 of 8 State Races

On Tuesday, a Twitter user pointed out that following U.S. President Donald Trump's victory in Wisconsin during the 2016 presidential elections, Republican candidates have lost seven out of eight races in the state.

"Since Trump became the 1st Republican prez candidate to win Wisconsin in 32 years, conservatives/GOP have lost 7 of 8 statewide races here. SC, US Sen, Gov, Treas, AG & Sec of State in 2018. Supreme Court 2020. Only won 2019 Supreme Court race by 6k votes," wrote Twitter user Brian Fraley.

During the 2016 presidential election, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin, making him the first Republican to win the state since Ronald Reagan won in 1984.

The tweet comes just after Wisconsin's 2020 Supreme Court race, in which Democratic-backed Jill Karofsky defeated Republican-backed Dan Kelly. As Fraley wrote in his tweet, this victory by Karofsky marked the seventh time a Democratic or Democratic-backed candidate has won an election in Wisconsin.

Prior to the most recent Supreme Court race in Wisconsin, Republican candidates have only won one race, during the 2019 Supreme Court elections when Republican-backed Brian Hagedorn defeated Democratic-backed Lisa Neubauer.

Other than the 2019 Supreme Court race, Wisconsin saw victories for Democratic candidates in a number of different statewide races.

During the 2018 Wisconsin Senate race, Democratic candidate Tammy Baldwin defeated Republican candidate Leah Vukmir. According to Politico, in the race, Baldwin received 55.4 percent of votes compared to Vukmir, who received 44.6 percent of votes.

A Democratic candidate won again during the 2018 Wisconsin governor race, with Tony Evers defeating the incumbent Republican candidate Scott Walker. According to Politico, Evers received 49.6 percent of votes compared to Walker, who received 48.5 percent of votes.

U.S. President Donald Trump
Since Donald Trump became the first Republican president to win Wisconsin in 32 Years, GOP candidates have lost seven of eight statewide races there. Drew Angerer/Getty

During the 2018 election for Wisconsin's Attorney General, the state saw Democratic candidate Josh Kaul defeat Republican candidate Brad Schimel. Prior to Kaul winning the seat in 2018, the last time a Democratic candidate won Wisconsin's attorney general race was in 2006 when Kaul's mother, Peg Lautenschlager won.

The state also saw Democratic victories during the 2018 election for State Treasurer, with Sarah Godlewski defeating Republican candidate Travis Hartwig, the 2018 secretary of state race, with Douglas La Follette defeating Jay Schroeder and during the 2018 Supreme Court race, with Rebecca Dallet defeating Republican candidate Michael Screnock.

Wisconsin also recently voted on Democratic and Republican presidential primary candidates for their state. Former Vice President Joe Biden won the state's Democratic primary while Trump won the Republican primary. According to the Associated Press, Biden received 62.9 percent of Democratic votes, compared with Trump who ran unopposed and received 98.2 percent of Republican votes.