'The Sinking City' Delayed: Release Date Announced for Lovecraftian Detective Game

The Sinking City has been delayed, but now has a new release date: June 27. After steady updates, The Sinking City developer Frogwares fell quiet in December. Projected release dates dropped away, including on Steam, which simply listed the year 2019. It didn't look like The Sinking City was going to make its originally announced March 21 release date. Now the delay is official:

"After talking about this internally for the past couple of months, we've decided to move our release to a later date," Sergey Oganesyan, The Sinking City developer Frogwares' Community Manager, said in a video posted Friday.

"We want to release our game in a less crowded time frame," Oganesyan said, citing a busy calendar of upcoming titles. "This additional time will also allow us to optimize The Sinking City, making it a little bit better."

"With all that in mind, we have moved our release date to the 27th of June, 2019. We hope this new release date will suit you all well."

The Sinking City is an open-world adventure RPG in one of the most distinctly Lovecraftian settings possible: a rain-washed New England city populated with fish-men and other monsters. It's not directly based on "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" or any other H.P. Lovecraft novella or short story, but puts players in the shoes of P.I. Charles W. Reed as he investigates the flooded town of Oakmont, Massachusetts.

An open-world adventure, The Sinking City places a strong focus on detective work, including hunting for clues and employing Reed's powers to recreate past events at a crime scene.

"The Sinking City, a game of investigation and mystery set in a twisted Lovecraftian version of the 1920s United States," a Sinking City trailer describing the investigative gameplay describes. "Charles will have to face terrors beyond human comprehension and investigate occurrences simply unimaginable in a normal society. With The Sinking City, we put the detective experience first. This means ero hand-holding from the game. There are no straightforward tasks and no objectives on the map to follow. We will never tell you how to approach a quest, where you should go, what to look for, who should you accuse."

There's also gunplay, but ammo is scarce in Oakmont. Along the way, players will encounter not just Lovecraftian monsters, but the mutated townsfolk, seemingly divided between various factions of animal hybrids. Get ready for some very fishy looking people. There's also a whole lot of tentacles.

Frogwares is an independent game development studio based in Dublin and Kiev. Previous games include Dracula: Origin, Magrunner: Dark Pulse and multiple entries in their Sherlock Holmes series. The Sinking City will be published by Bigben.