Sister Asks for Payment to Babysit Brother's Kids, Divides Opinion Online

A mother has taken to Mumsnet to share her annoyance that her sister-in-law asked for payment to babysit her kids, and the internet is divided in its opinion.

Posting to the discussion-based site the woman, who goes by the account name Dalalada, explained that her sitter had canceled at the last minute and that she and her partner are "going out for my birthday tonight tickets are bought and paid for."

She explained that she began panicking as she tried to find a replacement "on the sitter site."

Her other half then called her sister-in-law "who will be at home cause her partner is out."

The woman revealed that "she said she would need payment! For some reason its really rubbed me up the wrong way!"

The average cost for childcare in the U.S. is $15 per hour, according to website Mom News Daily, with some states average as high as $20.

Dalalada then signed off her message by asking the forum whether or not she was being unreasonable.

She also later revealed for context that her sister-in-law is 29 years old and she "had no previous plans."

The post, which can be viewed here, has gained lots of traction since it was shared on November 20, having attracted nearly 190 replies.

Many people felt that the woman had a right to be annoyed, including MaizeBlouse who wrote: "Oh wow that'd annoy me too.

"I have babysat many times for family and would never have charged! Do they have kids? I'd rather pay an actual babysitter than a family member.|"

Another person, LynetteScavo, added: "Unless she's a teenager and has a little baby sitting "business" she's ridiculous."

LawnFever asked: "I'd be annoyed too, if she's available then she should just do it, does she have form for being grabby? It's your DP's [Darling Partner's] sister, so her nieces/nephews she's being asked to look after?"

However, others did not agree with the mother's perspective such as Shedmistress who typed: "Just because a woman is home alone doesn't mean she isn't doing anything."

Alljoopy79 asked: "Maybe she needs the money, to be fair I assume you were going to pay the sitter who cancelled and she is doing you a favour. Saying this I would never charge for babysitting my nibblings."

Ozanj revealed: "As a childcare professional I often have people trying taking the piss when it comes to childcare. So now everybody gets charged."

IncompleteSenten was on the fence about the whole thing, explaining: "Yes, it's a bit odd. Most families do that as favours for each other

"But you need the help, you had money allocated for a sitter. You get to go out, your children get taken care of and you aren't actually out any additional money so I'd just go with it."

A stock image of a woman looking after two kids. On Mumsnet a woman asked for payment to look after her brother's children, dividing opinion online. iStock