Sister Raging About Parents' 'Toxic' Favoritism at Graduation Party Praised

Favoritism can manifest itself in many ways within a family—different rules for different siblings, unequal opportunities, or in the case of Reddit user PossibleNervous6026, it's a perceived lack of interest in both her own and her younger sister's interests and achievements, in favor of her other younger sister Amy's burgeoning volleyball career.

"I can't think of a family whose parents so blatantly favor one child over their other 2, as much as mt family does," wrote 22-year-old user PossibleNervous6026 in a post to the Reddit community AmItheA**hole with over 10,000 likes.

She described how her parents are "OBSESSED with volleyball" having both played at the same school and met through the sport. "When I was young, they did everything in their power to get me interested in playing. I wasn't. I'm a theatre gal. Amy, got interested at a young age. They knew from when she was young...she had a lot of talent. Amy has played on her school and club teams basically since she was in 5th grade and was the best player. Shes now going to a division 1 school on a full ride volleyball scholarship. My parents lives are all about Amy," she said.

One member TheRipley78 recommended "[...] cutting off toxic family members and watch them get all shocked Pikachu face when you become better off without them."

Stock image of two siblings not getting along. A reddit user said her parents favored her younger sister Amy because of her burgeoning volleyball career.

According to a study in the Journal of Scientific and Innovative Research, sibling rivalry has been seen to be affecting about 30 to 60 percent of children worldwide, leading to such behaviors as "jealousy, fighting, teasing, kicking, hitting, biting, meanness and competitiveness." The symptoms and signs typically start in the early years, with 20 to 30 percent of affected children continuing to have such symptoms into adulthood.

The writer goes on to list examples of favoritism, including a fridge covered in "20 different magnets of Amy's volleyball pictures. There's one picture of me when I played cat in the hat in 8th grade on the side of it. None of littlest sister." She also mentioned a family tradition of watching "Amy's game film" after dinner at "every holiday."

"Parents ordered custom replica jerseys for Amy's club team so we all can wear them. Has our last name and Amy's number. Parents force us to wear them. (We've done it in a Christmas card) They also force us to go to all of Amy's games. But I don't think Amy has ever been to one of my plays. Even in college, her excuse was always valid to skip my plays, but my excuse was never valid to skip her games," she explained.

She also mentioned that while the her other younger sister also plays volleyball, "[...] but is clearly not at the level Amy was when she was 15. So my parents treat her volleyball like an afterthought."

One Reddit user 1Questional Bard also called the parents "toxic" saying: "NTA! It's clear favoritism. I feel bad for the siblings. If Amy stops her sport, I would be afraid they would turn or abandon her. The littlest just wants to fit in and it's bad how that can affect someone mentally. The parents are toxic. Playing the same video on every holiday and nothing else on the other two? This is obsession. I see therapists in the future. I wish yall the best and hope their favoritism doesn't get to Amy's head."

The post came to a head as PossibleNervous6026 explained how her sister's recent high school graduation party was twice as big as hers. "When I was talking to family who asked me about Amy, I just said I wish my parents took an interest in my hobbies or me in general like they do with Amy. And it hurts to see the obvious favoritism. They agreed they've noticed it throughout my life too," she wrote.

"After the party I was confronted by my parents because extended family actually took my side and said it wasn't fair. My parents just claimed ignorance. They had no idea what I was talking about. And that I apparently embarrassed them for 'spending the day talking smack about Amy.' Maybe I was jealous about the party, but I couldn't deal with another Amy show while mom and dad act like they have one kid," said the original poster.

A comment left by user aquavenatus with over 1,400 likes expressed concern for the younger sister: "Honestly, I'm worried about your youngest sister. You have no interest in volleyball, but your youngest sister isn't as 'talented' as Amy. That level of jealousy has me very concerned. Your parents suck. Please keep an eye out for your youngest sister (I believe she's a ticking time bomb)."

Another user Emmaleah17 commented with nearly 11,000 likes: "Big NTA [not the a**hole]. Your parents suck. Permission to rant about Amy's issue here. I have popcorn ready and am invested."