'Sit on It Like an Egg': Internet Offers Help to Person Whose AirPod Is Trapped in Ice

The internet has offered some helpful—and some not-so-helpful—tips to a Redditor who recently lost one of their AirPods to a block of ice.

Posting to Reddit's "Mildly Infuriating" forum on Monday under the username u/x4mplee, the Redditor wrote: "Lost my AirPod yesterday[,] came to look for it today."

Attached to the post is a video that showed the Redditor's stray AirPod lying on the ground. Some commenters pointed out that, upon first glance, the earbud looks as though it's sitting atop a marble floor. But when the Redditor moves their foot over the AirPod, it becomes immediately clear that the earbud is trapped inside a sheet of ice somewhere outside.

So far, the post has received more than 24,000 upvotes and nearly 600 comments.

Many commenters were quick to offer up suggestions the Redditor could use to free the earbud.

"Be happy you found it man, get a hammer and just break it out [before it melts end sinks]," said u/busy-idiot.

"Chisel or a hairdryer," recommended u/HealthyProgrammer2.

"Cut around it, lift the ice out, wait for it to melt and then dry out the AirPod," added u/Practical_Affect_851.

Some also suggested that the Redditor pour salt onto the ice, but according to Scientific American, this well-intentioned tip won't work because salt doesn't melt ice.

"The freezing point of pure water, the temperature at which it becomes ice, is 32 degrees Fahrenheit," the magazine explained.

"If the water is mixed with salt, though, the freezing temperature of the solution is lower than 32 F. The salt impedes the ability of the water molecules to form solid ice crystals," the magazine continued.

However, for this principle to work, the water must be in its liquid form when mixed with salt.

"That's why many cities spray a salt solution before any ice forms," Scientific American said. "Salt that's dumped on top of ice relies on the sun or the friction of car tires driving over it to initially melt the ice to a slush that can mix with the salt and then won't refreeze."

Because ice has already formed around the Redditor's AirPod, salt alone won't free it.

In addition to some helpful tips, the Redditor also received some rather useless, albeit funny, suggestions on how to rescue the lone AirPod.

"Pee on it," offered u/XtraLyf.

"Put rice on it," joked u/drumsXgaming.

"D**n, the only way to get it out now is for you to wait...until it stops being cold," said u/fazeObama1, who also suggested the Redditor "sit on it like an egg."

Thin ice
The internet has offered some tips—helpful and not—to a Redditor who recently lost one of their AirPods to a block of ice. The Redditor posted his predicament to the "Mildly Infuriating" forum. Astrid860/istock