Adorable Moment 6 American Bullies Choose to Sleep in Same Bed to 'Snuggle'

A dog owner of six American bullies has left the internet in stitches after posting a video of his pups all stuffed in the same dog bed, while there's an empty one right there for them to use.

In the video shared on TikTok on Tuesday by user Roddy_rodd89, the pups can be seen sleeping all together in the same doggy bed, laying on top of each other and snuggling as their owner explains why he won't buy them any more beds.

"Do you see why I refuse to buy you all multiple beds anymore? Because you all decided it's a waste of money," the dog owner says in the video. The hilarious post comes with a caption that says: "Ungrateful."

American bullies snuggling together melt hearts
This stock image shows a group of American bully puppies snuggling together. The internet was left in stitches by a TikTok showing six American bullies snuggling in one bed, leaving the other one empty and unused. Getty Images

According to A-Z Animals, even though American bullies may look similar to American bulldogs, they differ in many ways. Their size is significantly smaller. While a male American bully reaches 17-20 inches tall, a male American bulldog can reach over 20 to 28 inches.

They also weigh less; a male American bully can reach up to 110 pounds and the average American bulldog weighs around 120 pounds.

Another main physical difference is their coat color. American bulldogs come in several colors, including bicolor brindle, black, brown, chocolate, or white, while American bullies are usually white-fawn, striped (non-brindle), and red-nosed. "Tri-color, solid color, or dogs with white mixed in are also popular," according to A-Z Animals.

The video quickly went viral on the platform, and it has so far received over 1.4 million views and 340,900 likes.

One user, Mamas, commented: "they looking at you like 'here he goes again.'"

Commenter Stefan Cooper Sr. said: "King said it ain't my money."

Pitbullmomma996 wrote: "I bet they're soooooo warm," while taureanroman commented, "All the side-eyeing and unbotheredness has me on the floor."

Sugarcookieelf commented: "Honestly, it is so amazing to me to watch how united they are. Just to watch how tight of a pack all of them are. Reminds me of how they are instinctually wild free animals, that we just domesticated but seeing them in their natural instincts like this is fascinating to me."

Another user, Haley Lyn, commented: "how do you not just snuggle right up in there with them? I would never leave my house...ever.." And iamlexijayy said: "This is too adorable and they ain't worried about nothin' you talkin' about."

Mary Napier said: "Cause [pitties] are lovers! They need to snuggle to feel good! Lol mine can't sleep without a blanket."

Newsweek reached out to Roddy_rodd89 for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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