Skateboarder Avoids Crash With Small Child by Performing Trick in Viral Video

Many young people use TikTok to share footage of their lives.

However, when something remarkable happened to 26-year-old Marc-André Séguin, and it was caught on camera, he didn't even have an account.

His girlfriend had to beg him to make one, and we are glad he did as the clip of his skateboarding near-miss has since gone viral, receiving a whopping 11.2 million views.

In the footage Séguin, who was at his local skatepark in Montreal, Canada, came off the rail and down into the bowl, heading towards a young girl who was also skating down from the other side.

Instead of crashing into her at speed, Séguin showed off his instincts as he swooped her off of her board and carried her as he then went on to do a frontside boardslide transition on the ramp, which is a relatively tricky turn.

Remarkably, he then skates back and drops the child safely on her board.

The footage was uploaded to Séguin's TikTok account on April 24, and has been viewed liked over 2.6 million times, and shared more than 35,100 times.

It is accompanied by the caption: "Good vibes with the homies #fun #win #arriba #skateboarding #skate #skaterboy #goodvibes #homies #cool #crazy."

Speaking to Canadian news site Global News on May 14, Séguin explained he is "six feet and weigh 200 pounds," so crashing into the child would cause injury.

He then went on to admit that although he is well-versed in the trick he was performing, he has never done it carrying another person.

However, owing to his years of experience, he always looks out for others when riding his skateboard.

He said: "I'm always looking ahead. I always look out for younger kids."

Many on TikTok took to the comments section to share their views on the impressive footage.

One person, FaitfulGrips, wrote: "That might be the smoothest thing I've ever seen."

A second social media user, Helena_LaRiviere, added: "Oh awe cute and that will be the best moment at the skate park for her. She will remember that when she is older."

A third person, user8102919071701, typed: "It's so satisfying it goes from her about to fall to him saving her then doing a little skate and putting her back on the board."

A fourth, TikTok.Vibe, added: That could've ended horribly, it was so smooth you can tell that ain't the first time he has done that."

As for other heartwarming skateboarding-related footage, back in January a video went viral of two young men holding an elderly woman's hands as they taught her to ride a skateboard.

However, not everyone is a big fan of skateboarders. Recently a mom is California felt compelled to put a sign outside her home which read: "This neighborhood is full of Karens," after receiving noise complaints of her kids skating.

A skate boarder doing a trick
A stock image of a skateboarder performing a trick. In the viral video, a young man managed to narrowly avoid crashing into a child by picking her up. Getty Images