Skeleton of Man Who Died Two Years Ago Found in Apartment

A skeleton of a man who is believed to have died two years ago has been found in an apartment in France.

Local police and firefighters discovered the skeleton of a 44-year-old man in an apartment of the Capucines residence, avenue du Maréchal-Juin, just behind Périgueux station, in Dordogne, southwest France.

Public prosecutor Solène Belaouar confirmed to newspaper Sud Ouest that the man died around two years ago. Police searched the apartment at the request of the landlord of the property, who had not been in contact with the tenant since December 2019, despite sending many letters.

Belaouar said the skeleton was found "fleshless" and the body was "clothed," but there were "no traces of break-in and disorder and the door was closed."

Investigators found no evidence of foul play and believe the man died naturally, perhaps by falling. There will be medical tests carried out on the skeleton by a forensic doctor at the Périgueux hospital, to allow investigators to ascertain the precise date and cause of death, France Bleu radio reported. The investigations will also make it possible to formally identify the body, even though officials believe it likely to be the 44-year-old tenant.

Neighbors said that they didn't often see the man, despite having lived there for years.

One neighbor, Bernadette, told France Bleu: "I have been there for 8 years and I must have seen him only 15 times, sometimes while going to get cigarettes from the bar downstairs." But she added that they did not speak at all and he was very discreet, and never made noise in his apartment.

"I was sure he was gone! We only saw the bailiff's paper on his front door."

She added that the apartment started to smell and then she warned the landlord of the apartment.

The 44-year-old tenant had been renting this studio since September 2010, France Bleu reported.

In October 2020, a neighborhood investigation with a bailiff was reportedly launched by the landlord after there was no correspondence from the tenant, but nothing came of the investigation.

The skeleton will be removed on Friday, France Bleu reported.

In neighboring Spain last month, police found a dead man inside a dinosaur statue in the Catalonia region.

A father and son in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, a Barcelona suburb, found the man. The Generalitat Fire Brigade and the firefighters' special rescue team were deployed to saw off multiple parts of the dinosaur in order to extract the body from the decorative statue.

The man had been reported as missing by his family only a few hours earlier. Police are investigating the cause of the man's death.

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Yellow police tape at night with blurred blue and red lights from police cars and emergency vehicles. A skeleton of a man who is believed to have died two years ago has been found in an apartment in France. Ole Schwander/iStock / Getty Images Plus