Skeleton Revealed: Were 'The Masked Singer' Judges Right About The Spooky Celebrity?

Another celebrity was revealed on The Masked Singer Wednesday night, and the judges can be proud of their predictions. Skeleton was the latest singer to be sent home from the pre-recorded competition. This wasn't the first time judges saw Skeleton sing. He first performed on the premiere episode of Season 2 to rave reviews from both judges and viewers.

On Wednesday night, Skeleton sang a rendition of Jet's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl." Judges and fans received a few new clues to the celebrity's identity, too, including that Skeleton sometimes feels like a "deadbeat dad" and also that he's taken a back seat to the spotlight throughout his career. Another clue claimed he had been in the Black Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame.

After the performance, the judges offered some guesses. Teller of illusionist performance duo Penn and Teller was mentioned, as were comedian Martin Short and Canadian musician and producer Paul Shaffer. Sure enough, when Skeleton was unmasked, Shaffer was revealed as the man under the top hat. There was a good reason for a guess of Short, though.

Skeleton was unmasked on 'The Masked Singer' Wednesday night. Scott Kirkland/FOX

Shaffer revealed he'd put attention into portraying Short's mannerisms to throw the judges off. "I was with him just last week," Shaffer told judge Ken Jeong, who had guessed Short. "I was studying him just to try to fool you!"

The celebrity said the opportunity allowed him to experiment musically. "It gave me a chance to try songs I never would have thought I could pull off in real life," Shaffer said.

Shaffer is a professional musician, former leader of the Late Show band and music producer for Jim Belushi and Dan Ackroyd's Saturday Night Live characters The Blues Brothers.

He joined a lineup of four other celebrities who have already been exposed. The celebrities no longer on the competition include Egg (Olympic Figure Skater Johnny Weir), Ice Cream (gamer Ninja), Panda (Boxer Laila Ali) and Eagle (Dr. Drew Pinsky).

While there's still a ways to go in the costumed competition, fans think they have some good guesses as to who remains. Two predictions gaining momentum on social media, and even among the show's judges, are that Black Widow and Flamingo may have worked together in the past. Fans are naming Raven-Symone as the spider and Adrienne Bailon as Flamingo. The two were once Cheetah Girls together on the Disney Channel.

Bailon has denied her involvement in The Masked Singer, claiming her schedule was too busy to participate in the show. She currently co-hosts The Real talk show.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesday nights on Fox.