Skydiver Loses Consciousness Mid-air, Miraculously Survives Fall

A man who lost consciousness mid-air during a parachute jump in northern France miraculously came to his senses just meters before hitting the ground.

The man, believed to be in his 30s, suffered only minor injuries after falling unconscious a few seconds into his jump at Marquette-lez-Lille on Monday last week.

Franck Motte, deputy technical director of the Lille-Bondue parachuting school where the man made the jump, told local outlet BFM TV that the skydiver first experienced a medical issue at "around 500 meters high" and that he regained consciousness just in time before landing.

The man had reportedly already deployed his parachute and was able to land in a nearby garden.

"He still had a fairly muscular landing," Motte said, as translated by GoogleTranslate. "He was clearly conscious with a nice little scar which earned him ten stitches."

According to La Voix Du Nord, the man greatly reduced the severity of his injuries by raising his knees before hitting the ground, a reflex that allowed him to somewhat cushion the fall. He suffered injuries to his face and knees, the outlet reported.

Residents near the town of Bondues, just outside Lille, witnessed the fall and came to the man's rescue.

The jump was one of the first since the parachuting school reopened.

The extreme sport has seen a slew of tragic deaths in recent years.

In April, a Californian woman plunged to her death after her parachute failed to properly deploy, officials said.

The experienced parachutist performed a jump at the Skydive Lodi Parachute Center, southeast of Sacramento, when her equipment reportedly became tangled.

The death came just one month after the parachute and skydiving center was ordered to pay $40 million in connection with another incident five years ago.

California teenager Tyler Turner fell to his death after his parachute failed to open back in 2016.

The 18-year-old died along with skydiving instructor, Yong Kwon, with whom he was jumping in tandem. The men plummeted 13,000 feet to the ground after Kwon was unable to get their parachutes to open.

It was later determined that his instructor was not properly certified and, in March, Turner's family were awarded a $40 million judgment against the owner of the skydiving center.

File photo: A member of the Army parachute team seen in the air in West Point, New York. A man in his thirties lost consciousness during a jump at Marquette-lez-Lille, France, and came to his senses a few meters before the point of impact, suffering only minor injuries. Mike Lawrie/Getty Images