Is Slack Down?: Status Updates As Chat Application Suffers Global Outages, User Messages Stop Sending and Loading

Update: Slack has confirmed the outage has ended and messages should be working as normal. It said: "We're pleased to report that we have the all clear, and all functionality is now restored. Thanks so much for bearing with us in the meantime." Original article follows:

Workplace chat application Slack suffered outages today, with messages not sending between users and significant outages reported.

Down Detector, a website that tracks website problems in real-time, showed users were reporting issues hitting across Europe and the U.S.—including New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The company's status page initially showed no connections were down.

That soon changed, with Slack listing an investigation as active.

In a statement, the firm said: "Some people may be having an issue with Slack. We're currently investigating and will have more information shortly. Thank you for your patience."

An updated advisory added: "Some workspaces might be experiencing issues with messages sending and loading. Our team is on the case and we'll report back once we have an update to share. Some workspaces might be experiencing issues with messages sending and loading."

We're receiving reports about issues with messages sending and loading. Our team is on the case and we'll report back once we have an update to share.

— Slack Status (@SlackStatus) July 29, 2019

On Twitter, users shared frustrations after receiving server error warnings. One message read: "Sorry! Something went wrong but we're looking into it." One person asked: "Is Slack down for anyone else?" Another person added: "Slack down on a Monday morning feels relatable."

The application was hit with outages last Friday after a slew of users reported seeing missing channels and had trouble loading messages. In a statement at the time, a spokesperson said: "On July 26 from 05:00 a.m. PDT, some users began to experience connectivity issues. This was determined to have been caused in part by a code change published the night before.

"While reverting this change and attempting to recover from its downstream effects, users began to experience failures while sending messages as an unintended side effect. As a result, we rolled back this attempted fix and began applying it again, this time more slowly, bringing full recovery to impacted users by 10:25 a.m. PDT." The outage impacted the userbase for several hours.

It remains unclear if the new issues are connected.

Slack is a workplace chat application first released in 2013. The company calls the software a "collaboration hub." It has more than 10 million daily active users in over 150 countries. Slack claims that up to 65 of the Fortune 100 use its chat application to fuel their businesses.

In July, a significant outage hit a swathe of social media networking websites, including Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, causing mass destruction across popular internet destination.

For now, it remains unclear how long Slack will be offline and what has caused the connection misfires. Happy Monday, everyone.

Slack down not working
The Slack messaging application is seen on a phone screen August 3, 2017. On Friday, users complained of connectivity issues with the application. Thomas White/Reuters