Sleepy Puppy Battles to Stay Awake on Boat in Adorable Video

A video of a sleepy puppy trying and failing to keep his eyes open on a boat trip has gone viral on TikTok, with many commenters enchanted by the adorable animal.

In footage posted to the video-sharing app on July 3 by Dawg Haus, the little English bulldog can be seen sitting on the carpeted floor of a powerboat.

A man's voice is heard saying: "First time out, doesn't look too thrilled so far. What do you think, buddy? You going to fall asleep?"

Kona the puppy, who is about 11 weeks old, is nodding as he is overcome by tiredness and the motion of the powerboat.

The man continues: "The rocking of the boat sooooo sleepy... Kona's first boat ride. Hey, Kona, you know your name don't you?"

The puppy tries to raise his head in response, only for it to flop back down as his eyelids do the same.

The man, now chuckling, continues: "Not too thrilled so far. I think he is going to take a nap. He is so tired."

The clip—which is captioned "#sleepyhead #bulldoglove #sleep #puppy #englishbulldoglife #englishbulldogsoftiktok #puppylove"—has gone viral with 4.1 million views and 1.1 million likes.

Thousands of TikTokers have left comments sharing their delight at the footage.

One social media user, JiJiGirl, wrote: "He's so little still, maybe a couple of months more dad."

Another person, Asnj3, posted: "That's the cutest thing I've ever darn seen."

Katie typed: "He doesn't look real he's so cute."

Blake Pavey joked: "I would take a bullet for Kona."

Lifegavememelons gushed: "He is so teensy, and so freaking cute. He needs a nap Daddy."

Miki Minach commented: "Friend are you sure he wasn't getting sea sick? Lol he's so adorable by the way!"

One TikToker using the handle User2512031066747 offered some advice to Kona's owner, writing: "If you haven't owned this breed before, just be careful out in the sun. I have one and they overheat quickly. You may already know this, though."

Superduper92 asked: "How do your other dogs act when they take a boat ride?"

Dawg Haus, who also owns a bulldog named Stella and has posted several clips of their adventures, responded: "They like the boat. Very peaceful!"

According to the website, puppies need a lot of sleep, just like human infants.

The website states: "A 16-week old puppy sleeps an average of 11.2 hours per day, and up to 14 hours or more. Younger puppies may need 18 to 20 hours of sleep per day to support their developing bodies and brains."

Newsweek has contacted Dawg Haus for comment.

English Bulldog puppy
Stock image of an English bulldog puppy. A TikTok video of a similar puppy battling sleepiness has gone viral. Getty Images