Shocked Dog's Unusual Eyes Amaze the Internet in Viral Video

A video of dog with bulging eyes has gone viral online, having surpassed 13.7 million views.

The footage, which was shared to TikTok by Drew Beach, begins with the sound of barking, and the camera pans down to show the culprit is a dog whose mouth is poking out from under a bed.

However, this is not the only white fluffy pooch in the room, for then the camera angle moves up to show a dog sitting on top of the quilt, who is looking shocked at the noisy situation below.

The scene is made all the more adorable by the fact that the pet's large eyes appear to be looking in opposite directions.

The cute video, which can be watched here, is captioned with the hashtags: "#fyp #dog #funny #haha."

Since it was posted on March 12, the video has gained lots of traction online, having been liked by a whopping 3.2 million people.

More than 44,100 people have also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the hilarious footage.

One TikTok user, 0Silverhope0, wrote: "I think your dog is high."

Another person, Marion Q, added: "Mans just tryna find the camera."

Thomas Booker typed: "He looking everywhere but at the camera."

Madison stated: "He's seen some things... maybe not in a specific direction... but things."

Daniel asked: "Does he know that he's allowed to have a thought go through his head."

Michael Amleht Sy joked: "If your dog is in the bed then who is under the bed," alongside a stream of shocked-face emojis.

Rottweiler501 commented: "There is nothing wrong with my dog. The dog:...."

Gay Asf observed: "He really said: now look at WHAT."

Thomas Booker remarked: "He is looking everywhere but at the camera."

Many people on TikTok were also recently amused by a viral clip showing a corgi staring intently at a man in a restaurant.

In the footage, which was shared to the app by Ian Ludlow, the man can be seen filming himself using his phone's front camera.

He then zooms past his head to show that a small dog is sitting at the table behind him. The animal's face is arranged with a frozen smile on its face and its tongue poking out.

Ludlow captioned the funny video, which has attracted more than 3.9 million views: "Always watching #corgi #corgisdoingthings #dog #watching."

A file photo of a dog. On TikTok a dog has gone viral due to his bulging eyes. Getty Images