These Are the 20 Smallest Towns in America

New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta: the United States' most populous cities are getting bigger by the year.

But the U.S. is also home to many towns that could barely fill a concert hall.

There are hundreds of towns across America that have populations of under a thousand, and even a handful that are in single digits.

Here are 20 of the smallest towns in America, where residents can be sure everybody will know their name.

18. Jemez Springs, New Mexico - Population: 250

Despite having a population of just 250, Jemez Springs has plenty of things to see and do.

The town is home to the Jemez State Monument, and is close to hot springs and a number of religious retreats.

Natural hot spring located near Jemez Springs.
Aimee Thompson, then aged 18, and Kevin Wyatt, 21, both from Albuquerque, relax at a natural hot spring located in the Jemez Mountains in northern New Mexico June 14, 1999. There are several pools of natural water hidden inside the forest, about seven miles from the village of Jemez Springs off Highway 4. Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Elizabeth Godfrey of Jemez Springs.
In this 2004 photo, Elizabeth Godfrey of Jemez Springs addresses a special meeting of the Sandoval County Commission February 23, 2004 in Bernalillo. Rick Scibelli//Getty Images
Fire over Jemez Springs
The sun sets behind a towering plume of smoke from a forest fire in the Jemez Mountains, near Jemez Springs in Northern New Mexico west of Santa Fe. The blaze, known as the Thompson Ridge Fire, is burning in the Valles Caldera National Preserve. It ignited May 31 when a tree fell across a power line. Robert Alexander/Getty Images

17. The Plains, Virginia - Population: 217

Situated off the I-66, The Plains has a population of 217 in an area of 0.3 square miles.

Despite its small population, The Plains attracts 50,000 people in early May to the Virginia Gold Cup steeplechase horse race at the Great Meadow.

The town was formerly home to a restaurant owned by Robert Duvall, who still owns a residence at a farm north of The Plains.

The Corn Maze in The Plains.
In this 2002 photo, 10-year-old Jake Kuhn of Orlean, Virginia, takes a ride down a hay loft slide at The Corn Maze in The Plains, an Autumn attraction. RACHEL GRIFFITH/AFP/Getty Images
The Plains Virginia
Horse Country in The Plains, Virginia. Carol M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge/Getty Images
Karen O'Connor atop Theodore O'Connor.
Karen O'Connor from The Plains, Virginia atop Theodore O'Connor competes in the Stadium Jumping Phase as they finished third at the 2007 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park on April 29, 2007 in Lexington. Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

16. Marklesburg, Pennsylvania - Population: 204

Marklesburg is home to 89 households and 204 people. Its historical district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.

Bird's-eye view of Marklesburg, Pennsylvania.
A bird's-eye view of Marklesburg, Pennsylvania, which is home to about 200 people and the James Creek Church of the Brethren. Google Earth
Marklesburg Pennsylvania
Marklesburg has a population of 204. Google Earth

15. Zoar Village, Ohio - Population: 169

Situated in Tuscarawas County, Zoar was founded by German religious dissenters called the Society of Separatists of Zoar in 1817. It is named after the Biblical village Lot and his family escaped to from Sodom.

William McKinley, the 25th President, enjoyed staying in the Zoar Hotel and dining on the German cuisine on offer.

Zoar was made a National Historic Landmark District in 2016, and many of the town's buildings remain in their original state.

General view of the Zoar Hotel.
The Zoar Hotel located in the Tuscarawas County village. Street View
Former U.S. President William McKinley.
Former U.S. President William McKinley, seen here at work (circa 1900), was said to be a fan of the German cuisine on offer at the Zoar Hotel. Library of Congress/Getty Images
Traditional Zoar clothing.
A Zoar bonnet (left) and a Zoar man's hat, boots and coat, circa 1937, depicted by artist Fritz Boehmer. Heritage Art/Heritage Images/Getty Images

14. Blackwater, Missouri - Population: 162

Blackwater takes its name from the Blackwater River, and despite its small population, many of its districts are considered historical sites.

Blackwater Commercial Historic District, Blackwater Residential Historic District, and Imhoff Archeological Site are all listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Blackwater Missouri
Blackwater is named after the Blackwater River. Google Earth

13. Oatman, Arizona - Population: 128

Oatman began as a small mining camp and previously had a population of 3,500 after $10 million worth of gold was struck in 1915.

Post gold rush, however, the population has dwindled. The town's biggest employer United Eastern Mines left and a new route between Kingman and Needles bypassed the town.

Oatman Arizona
Oatman was formerly a gold mining town. Google Earth

12. Hyder, Alaska - Population: 87

Another census-designated place, Hyder is Alaska's easternmost town, and is home to 87 people.

However, it attracts many visitors due to its accessibility and the Hyder Seek motorcyclist gathering over Memorial Day weekend.

Due to its proximity to Stewart, British Columbia, Hyder accepts both American and Canadian dollars.

The Fish Creek Bear Viewing Area.
The Fish Creek Bear Viewing Area near Hyder, Alaska. United States Forest Service

11. Balltown, Iowa - Population: 79

The population of Balltown rose by six to 79 in the 2020 census.

The town is home to Iowa's oldest bar and restaurant Breitbach's Country Dining - established in 1852 - which has been rebuilt by the tightknit community twice following fires.

Balltown Iowa
Balltown is home to Iowa's oldest restaurant, Breitbach's Country Dining. Google Earth

10. Jud, North Dakota - Population: 72

Founded in 1904 and named after county settler Judson LaMoure, Jud is home to just 72 residents.

It is just 0.25 square miles large and is surrounded by farmland.

9. Riverside, Wyoming - Population: 52

Situated in Carbon County, Wyoming, Riverside is home to just over 50 people.

Its small population is perhaps not surprising considering Riverside is the coldest inhabited town in the state.

Riverside Wyoming
Riverside can get extremely cold. Google Earth

8. Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania - Population: 59

The population in Ohiopyle has fallen steadily over the last few censuses, with 59 residents at the last count.

However, the Fayette County borough often seems a lot busier due to the influx of tourists.

Ohiopyle is a popular weekend destination due to Ohiopyle State Park and the Great Allegheny Passage bicycle trail.

Rafting in Ohiopyle
White water rafting in the waters of Ohiopyle State Park in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Getty Images
Exterior of Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Just up the road from the town is this house, named Fallingwater, by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Getty Images/Richard A. Cooke/CORBIS

7. The Forks, Maine - Population: 37

With 0.9 people per square mile, you're guaranteed privacy in The Forks.

The Forks is considered a plantation, with 17 households at the last census.

The Forks Maine
The Forks is situated next to the Kennebec River. Google Earth

6. Gilbert, Arkansas - Population: 28

Gilbert is not only the smallest municipality in Arkansas, but one of the coldest areas too.

The town is popular with canoeists due to its access to the Buffalo River, and contains guesthouses and cabins for tourists to rent.

A birds-eye view of Gilbert, Arkansas.
A birds-eye view of Gilbert, Arkansas, ad the River Buffalo. Google Earth
The Gilbert Cafe (now closed) in Arkansas.
The Gilbert Cafe, pictured here in 2015, has since been converted into a cabin for rent (shown below). Street View

5. Dorset, Minnesota - Population: 24

With just 24 residents, everyone in Dorset has a good chance of achieving the symbolic title of Mayor of Dorset, leading to some rather bizarre elections.

In 2012, three-year-old Bobby Tufts became Mayor when his name was drawn out of a hat; his three-year-old brother James was elected in 2015.

Dorset also calls itself the restaurant capital of the world, due to having four restaurants for its 24 residents - that's a restaurant for every six people.

An antiques store in Dorset, Minnesota.
An antiques store next to a book store in Dorset, Minnesota. Street View

4. Walpack, New Jersey - Population: 16

Rising into double figures but still tiny, Walpack is home to just 16 residents, but was previously voted as one of New Jersey Monthly's best places in the state to live.

The town counts the Olympic silver medallist equestrian Frank Chapot, who died in 2016, as its most famous resident.

Walpack New Jersey
There's plenty of nature to see in Walpack. Google Earth

3. Magnet Cove, Arkansas - Population: 5

Magnet Cove is a census-designated place which, at the last census, was found to have five residents.

The area is known for being rich in odd minerals, including magnetite.

Magnet Cove
Magnet Cove is very remote. Google Earth

=2. Luckenbach, Texas - Population: 3

Luckenbach Texas
Luckenbach is a popular spot for country music festivals. Getty Images
A record guitar ensemble in Luckenbach, Texas.
A world record for "largest guitar ensemble" was set in Luckenbach, Texas, on August 23, 2009, when 1,859 pickers got together and played "Luckenbach, Texas (Back To The Basics Of Love). Gary Miller/FilmMagic/Getty Images

In 1970, actor Guich Koock and rancher Hondo Crouch bought Luckenbach for $30,000, and used it as a dance hall.

While only three people officially live there, it is a popular site for country and Western music festivals, and was the site of a Guinness World Record for both guitar players gathered in the same place and playing for five minutes.

=2. Hillsview, South Dakota - Population: 3

The least populated municipality in South Dakota, Hillsview is home to just three people, made up of one family - a married couple and their son.

Hillsview South Dakota
Just three people call Hillsview home. Google Earth

=1. Monowi, Nebraska - Population: 1

In 2010, the town of Monowi in Nebraska became famous when the census revealed it had just one person living there.

While that rose to two on the 2020 census, Elsie Eiler is still the sole resident of Monowi, following the death of her husband in 2004.

Eiler is the town's librarian and mayor - granting herself a liquor license to run the town's bar, Monowi Tavern.

Monowi Nebraska
Elsie runs the town's sole bar. Google Earth

=1. Hibberts Gore, Maine - Population: 1

Hibberts Gore covers an area of just 752 sq mi, and was ignored by the surveyors who mapped Maine.

The census recorded no families living here, just one sole resident.

Hibberts Gore
Hibberts Gore is home to one resident. Google Earth