'Smartest Kitty': Cat Wows Internet by Retrieving Woman's Keys From Hole

A cat has come in for high praise after footage of the feline successfully retrieving a woman's keys from a tiny hole in a block of concrete surfaced online.

The footage emerged on Reddit after being shared to the forum AnimalsBeingBros, where it earned over 19,000 upvotes. It was originally posted to TikTok by a Brazilian woman posting under the name Luh Meira. At the time of writing the clip had been viewed 7.6 million times on the video sharing platform.

It can be watched here.

Fetching items for a human companion may be an activity more closely associated with canines, but according to animal behavior specialist Jeff Podos from the University of Massachusetts, it's more complicated than that. Dogs are drawn to activities of this kind due an inherent desire to "please people."

"This is how they get their food and shelter," he told NPR. "The more they please their owners, the more benefits they gain. Whereas cats just don't have this same imperative."

Andrea Tu, medical director at Behavior Vets in New York City, goes one step further, telling the news outlet that cats, in their wild natural state, are "probably more prone to fetching things, and bringing things to you, than dogs."

The cat featured in this particular video, however, takes the concept of fetch to a whole other level. According to the text accompanying the clip, Meira found herself facing quite a predicament after her son dropped her keys down a hole in a block of concrete.

As the footage shows, the narrow nature of the opening made retrieval by human hand essentially impossible. What they could not have possibly counted on, however, was that a feline paw would be able to do the job.

When initial efforts to get at the keys using a stick failed, the black cat intervened, reaching deep down inside the hole to try and get a grip on the keys. Incredibly, after a few seconds of rummaging around, the feline succeeded in dragging the keys out, much to Meira's delight.

Her video ends with the cat lying out on the concrete, enjoying the sun and a few strokes from a very relieved Meira.

The cat's success is both brilliant and baffling with the pet seemingly able to understand their owner's instructions despite being, well, a cat. Meira seemed equally baffled at what unfolded, captioning the video: "If I hadn't filmed it nobody would have believed."

But believe they did, with the footage soon finding its way to Reddit, where the four-legged hero of the moment drew praise from all corners.

Kids-cake-and-crazy said: "Someone deserves an extra treat!" with AnyResult712 writing: "I'd be demanding catnip in exchange for those keys. This is some skilled cooperation that warrants all the goodies."

Iliketaterssss999 felt the feline deserved "a Medal of Honor made of treats" while JodieFlame commented: "That is the foremost best cat video I've seen yet."

PVMas07 hailed him as "smartest kitty" with KenshinYusuke adding: "who says black cats are bad luck!"

There was another twist in the tale too.

According to one of Meira's subsequent TikTok posts, the cat wasn't hers, but one owned by another resident who lives on the first floor of the same building.

The cat clearly knew Meira and her son and he seemingly decided to help of his own accord. The good news is he was rewarded for his efforts with a nice new toy that he has been playing with ever since.

Newsweek has contacted Meira for comment.

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A cat and some keys.
A file photo of a cat with some keys. A feline's impressive efforts in retrieving keys from a hole has gone viral. helenaak/Getty