Smash Mouth Says Clip of Joe Biden Falling From Bike Is Funny: 'Lighten Up'

Smash Mouth have told anyone that doesn't find President Joe Biden falling off his bike funny to "lighten up."

Biden went viral over the weekend after he was filmed taking a tumble off of his bicycle from a stationary position during a ride in his home state of Delaware. The moment, which was caught on camera from several angles, was quickly shared online and has received the meme treatment from social media.

One meme was shared by Donald Trump Jr. which was a video showing his father Donald Trump throwing a red MAGA hat and hitting Biden, sending him off his bike. "We have a winner folks," Trump Jr. declared on Twitter when he shared the meme.

The official Twitter account of Smash Mouth shared the video and commented on its humor, suggesting that it was funny regardless of a person's politics. They got involved with the video as part of their song "All Star" was used in the video.

"We don't play politics, but we do love humor, and this is funny," the band wrote, retweeting Trump Jr.'s original message. "Lighten up folks. Two things can be equally true. It's amazing Joe has that stamina to ride, and it's funny he fell off. All good, carry on!"

While thousands of people liked and retweeted Smash Mouth's message, many others voiced their disapproval in the comment section.

"Don't forget your roots. Don't give a bigger platform to the folks who'd rather see us walking on the sun," one fan warned. "Just be careful when the humor swings the other way, sourness works both ways," another wrote, though they were instantly told that they had "missed the point."

Smash Mouth and Joe Biden bike
Smash Mouth, pictured in 2017 when lead singer Steve Harwell was still in the band, shared a meme of Joe Biden (R) falling off of his bike. Tim Mosenfelder / Saul Loeb/Getty Images / AFP via Getty Images

Others backed up Smash Mouth's sentiment though. @Yo5niper wrote: "Thank you for having a sense of humor and not going full woke REEE like so many other bands." Another said: "Common sense is so rarely found anymore in artists, they panic and alienate half their audience for fear of being canceled."

The use of the Smash Mouth song "All Star" isn't new among internet meme-creators. The first beat of the song with the word "Somebody" is often used for comic effect when it comes to someone being hit, or in Biden's case, taking a hit.

The moment of Biden falling off his bike was captured on camera by many of the people who formed a crowd around him in Delaware. The video was posted online thousands of times across social media, with TikTok in particular becoming a popular place to post related memes.

Jon-Bernard Kairouz got over 1.6 million views for adding a small commentary track to the video, commenting on the price of gas in America, while others, like @Kayakkingadventures simply captioned Biden as "economy" before his fall.

While most videos show Biden falling, not many show the aftermath of the accident. Biden gets up a few seconds after his fall and tells the crowd around him "I'm good."

Smash Mouth made headlines in late 2021 after the lead singer Steve Harwell was videoed seemingly inebriated during a performance. He left the band not long afterwards.

Joe Biden and his bike fall
Joe Biden (L) fell off his bike during a ride in Delaware on Saturday morning, June 18, 2022. Alex Wong / Saul Loeb/Getty Images / AFP via Getty Images