Snake Catchers Film 'Epic Chase' With Deadly Serpent in Front Yard

Snake catchers in Australia filmed an "epic chase" with a 6ft-long, deadly snake on Monday.

The incident took place in the front yard of a home in Mountain Creek, located in the Sunshine Coast region of eastern Australia.

Two employees from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 eventually managed to catch the snake—identified as an eastern brown—but only after an arduous chase, involving a couple of "close calls," the company wrote in a Facebook post that shows a video of the chase.

A neighbor had spotted the eastern brown snake slithering through the front yard of the home and subsequently alerted the snake catchers.

The duo pursued the eastern brown for more than eight minutes around the front yard, cornering the snake a number of times.

The eastern brown did not make things easy for the pair, however, with the snake catchers describing the animal as "quick" and "evasive." The pair said they had to stay alert so as not to lose sight of the snake.

"After he realized we were after him, he woke up and was very quick between the rocks and garden plants... there were a few close calls and it gave us the slip multiple times," the snake catchers said.

Eventually, one of the snake catchers managed to corner the snake up against a wooden fence before grabbing the serpent with his hand.

"Finally we were able to surround him up against a fence, feeling trapped and threatened he got in the 'S' shaped defensive position—he had several lunges at us before trying to get away, and luckily we were able to catch and relocate him!" the Facebook post said.

Quick Evasive Eastern Brown Snake Epic Chase!What an epic callout this was!!! 😳 For over 8 minutes Westy and I cornered this 6 foot Eastern Brown Snake...

After grabbing the snake and placing it a bag, one of the snake catchers, Stuart McKenzie, said in the video: "That is a big old healthy brown snake. Look at the size of him. He gave me a run there. Couple of grabs, couple of misses."

Eastern brown snakes are the largest member of the genus (group of species) Pseudonaja, which are considered to be among the most venomous snakes in the world.

While eastern browns have a reputation for being aggressive, much like other venomous serpents, the animals tend to avoid lunging at humans unless they feel threatened or have been provoked.

"Not once did this snake try and chase us, all it wanted to do was get away," the snake catchers said. "Even when it lunged at us the only reason it did that was because it was its last resort and it had nowhere to go. Notice when I back off after it lunged at me it instantly turned the other way and tried to get away."

An eastern brown snake
An eastern brown snake is pictured in the Sydney suburb of Terrey Hills on September 25, 2012. Snake catchers chased an eastern brown snake in a yard for around eight minutes. WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images