Snapchat Update: How to Use 'Do Not Disturb' Feature

Updated | Snapchat snuck several features in to the redesign of the app when it rolled out in January, including one that many users either don't know about or can't find. That feature is a “Do not disturb” option that users can turn on for their friends on the app.

The feature is one of the changes in the redesign that users appear to actually like, allowing users to limit the number of notifications they get from the app in general by only allowing notifications from some users. It also allows users to narrow down their notifications so that they only get quality notifications from friends they want to see them from.

The feature is similar to the “Do not disturb” feature that's available on iPhones to mute all notifications, except Snapchat's version is a bit more complicated to turn on.

Users who wish to mute a friend in the app first need to update their app to ensure that they're running the latest version with the feature included. Anyone without the update that includes the redesign will not have access to the “Do not disturb” feature.

mute snapchat do not disturb
Snapchat users can mute stories or notifications from their friends on the app. Snapchat

Users should then open the app and go to the friends list. Once there, users should choose and hold the name of either the friend or the group they wish to mute notifications from and then select "settings." Users can also tap on the name and then select the settings from there. This should bring up a menu and the option to toggle “Do not disturb” on or off. The person or group will not be alerted when they are put on “Do not disturb.”

Users can easily check who they've put on "Do not disturb" by scrolling their friends list. Friends on the app who are on "Do not disturb" are easy for users to identify thanks to a small icon that looks like "zzz" next to the friend's name that sigals that the user is asleep or snoozed, a Snapchat spokesperson told Newsweek.

This menu will also pull up an option for users to mute the stories of the people the follow if they wish. The option is listed just above the option to turn of the notifications for someone.

So far, users seem to like the new feature. Many have taken to Twitter to talk about how excited they are about the addition of it to the app.

This article has been updated to include information from Snapchat.