Is Snapchat Down? Frustrated Users Take To Twitter To Report App Not Working for Them

Update: Snapchat's brief outage should now be resolved. "Some users experienced issues accessing some of their Snap Memories earlier today. The issue has been fixed," a spokesperson for Snapchat told Newsweek.

Original article follows:

Snapchat appeared to be suffering outages early on Wednesday, prompting the hashtag #SnapchatDown to trend on Twitter.

The social media platform has yet to comment on any issues, but more than 6,000 people took to Twitter to report issues, leading to #SnapchatDown becoming the second highest trending topic.

DownDetector, which tracks website outages, reported a sharp spike in problems in the early hours on Wednesday. A map showed issues for users in the U.S., particularly on the West Coast, as well as some parts of Europe and Australia.

The website said the most reported problems were with sending snaps on the platform, although some also experiences issued with receiving pictures and refreshing the app.

Complaints quickly appeared on Twitter, with some expressing frustration that Snapchat had stopped working while people were self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Snapchat is making the whole quarantine experience worse like wtf #snapchatdown," one user noted.

Others noted that they weren't sure if the app was down or if their cell service was just poor. "Everyone running to twitter to see if snaps down or it's just their service," one person wrote.

Snapchat has been contacted for comment.

Stock photo. A picture taken on October 1, 2019 in Lille shows the logo of mobile app Snapchat displayed on a tablet. Denis Charlet/AFP via Getty Images