Snapchat Emoji, Icon Meanings: Yellow and Red Hearts, Sunglasses

snapchat logo
The Snapchat app logo is displayed on an iPad on August 3, 2016, in London. The emojis in Snapchat indicate how frequently users snap one another and more. Carl Court/Getty Images

In the world of Snapchat, emojis indicate who is friends with whom and how strong that friendship is. The emoji—or emojis—that appears next to users' and their friends' names in the app can tell them whether it's someone's birthday, whether they have a Snapchat streak in the app and even if they share a best friend.

The emojis can change quickly depending on who snaps whom and when. A combination of them can appear next to anyone's name in the app. Users can also customize their Friend Emojis in the app. Some users also have their zodiac sign next to their names in the app based on their birthday.

Last week, some Snapchat users saw the emojis next to their best friends listing go missing, but Snap fixed the issue within a day or so, and the emoji was back.

Meaning of emojis and icons on Snapchat:


  • A yellow or gold heart means the user and his or her friend are best friends with one another in the app. To get this, the two people have to snap one another more than anyone else in their snap contacts.
  • Pink hearts mean the two users have been best friends for two months or more.
  • A red heart means the two users have been best friends for a minimum of 14 days.


  • The fire emoji shows up with a number next to it, meaning that's how many days in a row a user has snapped their friend in the app. This is called a "snapstreak." Some users lose these either because of "connectivity issues" or because they simply forget to snap their friend.
  • The hourglass emoji means a streak is about to end and users need to exchange snaps to keep the stream going.

Birthday cake emoji—This shows up on a user's birthday when that user has his or her birthdate public on a profile.

Smiling emoji—This icon next to a friend's name means that person is one of the user's best friends, but not the number-one best friend.

Sunglasses emoji—This one means that the friend shares a best friend with the user.

Grimacing emoji—The user and friend have the same best friend in the app, meaning they both snap the same person most out of all of their friends.

Smirky emoji—This one means that the user is the other person's best friend, and that friend snaps them the most out of anyone...but not the other way around.